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M. P.

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  1. Split with Pessimista
    by Order of the Wolf
  2. Segregationem Scribendarum Compilation MMXX
    by Segregationem Scribendarum
  3. Nosotros los Etxegiña
    by Etxegiña
  4. Nosotros los Etxegiña
    by Etxegiña
  5. Some Kind of Vampire
    by Valravne
  6. Ladoga
    by Olhava
  7. Nótt eftir nótt
    by Kælan Mikla
    Draumadís Draumadís
    Absolutely captivating darkwave / synth punk that immediately got me hooked. There's just a lot of heart in there.
  8. bland skuggorna vid skogens slut
    by regnmoln
  9. Corrosion
    by Coven of the Pestilent One
  10. BÖRN: Vltima Permonvm Conea
    by Norn
  11. Ensomhedens Kolde Kald
    by Nyt Liv
  12. Nascido Sob o Signo Incivilizatório
    by Kaatayra
  13. S.B.D. 004 Nihilsect - Verge of Collapse
    by Nihilsect
  14. Demo
    by NyreDolk
  15. Brache
    by Brache
  16. Sprengverdichtung | Kahlschlag
    by Brache
  17. Occult Anarchist Propaganda
    by Book of Sand
  18. Woodland Tomb EP
    by Woodland Tomb
  19. Codex
    by Toadeater
  20. luminance
    by luminance