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  1. The First Album
    by Violet Delta
    TFA (Feat. KZMShintaro) TFA (Feat. KZMShintaro)
  2. Touhou Orchestral Suite II - Resurrection
    by crescentia
    ephemeral blossom, eternal bloom ephemeral blossom, eternal bloom
  3. untitled
    by various artists
    Crescentia Crescentia
    Crescentia is the greatest PC-98 arrange ever made, this album holds a special place in my heart.
  4. Senpai EP II: The Noticing
    by Sithu Aye
    It's the Second Season, So We Need a New Character After All! (もう2クール目だし、新キャラ登場させなきゃね!) It's the Second Season, So We Need a New Character After All! (もう2クール目だし、新キャラ登場させなきゃね!)
    Yo this is some K-On!! shit fam gud stuff.
  5. Flood Network
    by katie dey
    Fake Health Fake Health
    This album is just so emotional and expressive I can't get enough.
  6. The Shepherdess 羊飼い
    Ram Parts Ram Parts
    This album isn't really as good as the others to me, maybe Ghost Data is just getting a bit repetitive, but I still quite like it. I like vocaloid, but vocaloids singing in english just kind of turns me off I guess.
  7. Border EP
    by Nakarin
    Necrofantasia Necrofantasia
    Thanks for participating in the first Redditaisai!!!
  8. Set Course for Andromeda
    by Sithu Aye
    The Andromedan Pt VI: Mother of Creation The Andromedan Pt VI: Mother of Creation
    I've been waiting for this album since I discovered the genius that is the Senpai EP. I just listened to this whole thing in one sitting, and it was by far one of the most complete and satisfying works I've ever heard. Bravo Sithu Aye, you've done it again.
  9. 10/TENSHI
    by Komeiji Records
    Prism Nebulae Prism Nebulae
    Learned of Komeiji Records from Gensokyo Radio and r/touhou. This album is great, and really captures that energetic and campy sound a lot of touhou doujin circles are going for.
  10. UNDERTALE: The Underground Radio
    by DM DOKURO
    Learned of this album after playing the osu! beatmap for uNDeRWoRLD MoNaRCHy. Surprisingly, I first played the beatmap just after beating Asgore, and I had shivers all over. Keep up the good work Dokuro!
  11. april.#02
    by KASHIWA Daisuke
    rabbit's_quartet rabbit's_quartet
    april.#02 is possibly the greatest song ever composed. Thanks for bringing this light into my life, you weird young Japanese man.