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  1. Morgantown, West Virginia
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. keep on keeping on
    by hameedullah
    the pirate bay the pirate bay
    A more laid-back, instrumental suite compared to watmanameisfool. This one flexes more of the intricacies of Hamee’s sound design and beat making, drawing on a wide range of influences. Vibe with the snappy drum programming, or just get lost in all the ambient textures layered up underneath it; either way, this release rewards multiple listens to hear all the details.
  2. Circling 2
    by Karl Fousek
    subscriber exclusive
  3. Disembodied
    by Jen Kutler
  4. Physically Sick 3
    by Physically Sick 3
  5. Live at Deep Blue, Vancouver May 2020
    by Karl Fousek
    subscriber exclusive
    by SIIHHI
  7. Neutral Mind
    by Kevin J. McKay
  8. Sampler Platter Vol. II
    by Cudighi Records
  9. Nu-Moon
    by Misty Moon
  10. Plant
    by MISIU / Aros E-V
  11. Memorabilia
    by John Morrison
  12. watmanameisfool
    by hameedullah
    Instantly had my mind blown by this album when I stumbled upon it in a big list of recs for No-Fee Friday. Ripped two fat dabs and listened to it all the way through immediately, then made my girlfriend listen to it too. Hilariously honest verses over brilliant drum programming and perfectly-selected samples delivered with effortless style. Had me dancing and wanting to work on my own music after.
  13. Globex Corp Vol. 9
    by Globex Corp
  14. Origins
    by Foul Play
  15. Footwork Tracks Vol.8
    by EQ Why
  16. LAGEOS
    by Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra
  17. EP2
    by AceMoMA
  18. 2,020 Knives
    by Ada Rook
  19. Live at 820 Plaza, Montreal September 2015
    by Karl Fousek
    subscriber exclusive
  20. Sanctuary
    by Spliff Jacksun