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Max Leclerc

  1. Quebec City, Québec
  2. Ambient
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  1. Some Things You Can't Forget : The Anthology
  2. Demo
    by Carthusian Funeral
  3. demo
    by Heisenbeards
  4. Cosmic Melancholia
    by Nihilistic Warlock
  5. In the Kingdom of Fog
    by Fog Castle/Foglord/Fogweaver
  6. Demo
    by Killer Tofu
  7. Beards!
    by Jon Creeden
  8. Dark Magykal Sorcery
    by Üvegszakadás
  9. Once Through The Interplanar Gate
    by Ithildin Tape Production
  10. A Chance Meeting Of Mages
    by Elminster, Mossbridge Mage
  11. Slaying The Orcish King
    by Moss Keep
  12. Paths Of Shadow
    by Continuous Revelations x Whispers Of Umbar
  13. Durin, Father Of Dwarves
    by Anadûnê
  14. Of Hall And Hearth
    by Cláirseach
  15. The Rise Of Gondolin
    by Anadûnê
  16. I Skyggen Av Tåken
    by Moss Keep
  17. Legions Of The Damned
    by Üvegszakadás
  18. Answering The Hidden Summons
    by Howling Mire
  19. Windclan Memories x The Alchemist Mouse
    by Windclan Memories x Alchemist Mouse
  20. Those Who Enter The Land Of Phantoms Are Forever Lost
    by Ambrogio x Frailord