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  1. Your Highness
    by Bloodred Hourglass
    My Prime of Kneel My Prime of Kneel
    BRHG executed yet another faultless performance with "Your Highness", and definitely stays up there in my top 3 favorite bands. After their outstanding previous albums, my expectations were high, and happily, there is not a hint of disappointment, quite the contrary!
    In a smashing display of skills, they succeeded in excelling themselves and proved that they still have unexpected resources left.
    This is a phenomenal fifth album, a must-have for all the melodeath enthusiasts.
  2. The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse
    by Voidfallen
    Rarely an album has overwhelmed me that much. The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse is a model of musical intelligence, as in the songwriting as in the mixing and mastering. The depth of the songs is incredible. Every track shines on its own, but all is tied to form a coherent and wonderful whole.
    Voidfallen created an amazing work of art, and as a debut album to top it all off! This masterpiece shows the extent of their creativity and technical mastery, and propels them to my top 3 favorite bands.
  3. Ways of the Pack
    by Wolftopia
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  4. The Path Through Reminiscence
    by Havengarth
    The Ravening Wolves The Ravening Wolves
    How I love finding hidden gems like this one!
    Havengarth showcases such a wide spectrum of skills in this album that you won’t ever have time to get bored! The songwriting is unpredictable, full of surprises, with blistering rhythms and noteworthy melodies. The vocals are absolutely amazing, powerful and diversified, definitely what triggered my impulse buy.
    This diamond is an incredible debut album, from a Finnish band that I will follow closely.
  5. Hound of War
    by Wolftopia
    Great song! I can't wait for the release of their album in December!
  6. Sui Generis
    by Voidfallen
    Voidfallen never fails to impress me. With each new song, they rise higher in my favorite bands list, and it's getting harder and harder to wait until the release of their debut album.
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  7. Symphony Of The Night
    by Ulthima
    Symphony of the Night Symphony of the Night
    Ulthima plays a fantastic melodic death metal, with amazing riffs, stunning solos, beautiful keybord melodies, awesome drums and impressive vocals. The finnish-mexican band is definitely one of my favorite latest discoveries. They released a mind-blowing debut album, hopefully the first one of a long discography.
  8. Uncreation
    by Abstrakt
    Etherstorms Etherstorms
    This album gripped me instantly with the introduction, and I didn't have to wait long for making up my mind to buy it. If you're into symphonic black metal, you'll be pleased with it!
  9. Between the Glimpses of Hope
    by Ephemerald
    I've been eagerly waiting for this album for four years, and I have to say that was totally worth the wait. I'm thrilled! Their music is the epitome of epic metal. The combination of beautiful orchestrations, heavy melodic riffs and blistering drums provide a whirlwind of emotions. The amazing harsh vocals intensify the power of the songs, while the clean vocals sublimate the enthralling atmosphere. This album is simply breathtaking!
    Make sure you have an oxygen tank nearby before pressing play.
  10. Drag Me the Rain
    by Bloodred Hourglass
    A killer track from a killer band.
  11. ...And the Winter Came
    by Break of Dusk
    What a great idea they had to reform the band and record an album! That would have been a shame to miss this out. I really hope they'll keep it going.

    Hard to choose my favorite song between "To the Very End" and the last two tracks.
  12. From Souls to Embers
    by Voidfallen
    Wow. I wasn't prepared for that.
    There's a dark atmosphere here... Threatening and soothing at the same time. Like a night without moon.
    Voidfallen creates a real sensation with this song, and leaves me desperately craving for more.
    The upcoming debut album promises to be sensational.

    PS : the music video is definitely worth a look.
  13. Harbinger of The Apocalypse
    by Trees Of Daymare
    This is what I call a gem. Sublime!
  14. Fragilities of Existence
    by Axis Disrupt
    After a lot of listening, I can't pick a favorite track yet. Each song has outstanding melodies that easily remain in memory.
    This album is really worthy of interest!
  15. Ruin
    by Foretoken
    The Retribution The Retribution
    Foretoken set very high standards from the start. This debut album is full of promise. They merge sumptuous orchestrations with a forceful death metal. That's impressive!
  16. Wolves of Karelia
    by Wolfheart
    Horizon on Fire Horizon on Fire
    A serious contender for my AOTY list.
  17. Paradox of the Mechanical Angel (.wav)
    by Eternal Delyria
    Burning Bridges Burning Bridges
    This exquisite album begins with a stunning opening track, probably the best intro ever. The vocals are outstanding, varying from deep to bloodthirsty gutturals. The keyboards provide an epic soundscape, but never overshine the brilliant guitar riffs. The drummer also did an incredible work in focusing much more on precision and speed rather than brutality. Finally, the clear production allows for everything to blend flawlessly together.
    This beauty is a great achievement.
  18. In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King
    by Monumentum Damnati
    My Bloody JJ My Bloody JJ
    In general, I’m not very keen on doom metal, but this album appears as an exception. The dark atmosphere and the beautiful melodies held my attention from the first seconds, but what that really made me give in are the mesmerizing vocals.
    This record is honestly something you don’t want to miss.
  19. The Daughters
    by Voidfallen
    These guys perfectly know how to arouse emotions through their music.
  20. Walking off the Horizon
    by Aesmah
    Ghosts Ghosts
    This sublime album is getting better on each listening.