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  1. Парус (Single)
    by Alkonost
  2. Victories
    by Dame Silú de Mordomoire
    Triumph Triumph
    Victories, as the name suggests, is the triumph over the past, today and the future. The first song, an immediate favorite, is a lesson in how keyboards can be utilized to create an atmosphere; a desirable one indeed. Vocals are always excellent and of a high quality. Highly recommended for fans of dungeon synth, dark ambient, darkwave, ethereal music and atmospheric black metal.
  3. Лента на ветру (Single)
    by Alkonost
  4. The Last Rain
    by Cân Bardd
  5. Forgotten Paths
    by Saor
  6. Октаграмма
    by Alkonost
  7. Папоротник (Single)
    by Alkonost
    Папоротник Папоротник
    What we have here is the continuation of the atmosphere which Alkonost is evoking with their new direction. Expect tasteful guitar riffs, poetic lyrics, catchy vocals and a beautiful summer atmosphere!
  8. Врата Зимы (Single)
    by Alkonost
  9. Ordeals
    by Dame Silú de Mordomoire
    Renaissance Renaissance
  10. The River (Single)
    by Alkonost
    The River The River
    This English version appears much brighter and dense in quality when compared to the Russian album version. Again, the 'new' Alkonost continues to impress me with their gorgeous cover art photos.
  11. Листопад (Single)
    by Alkonost
    Листопад Листопад
    As expected, Alkonost continues to evolve into a more straight-forward band with a simpler approach of songwriting. While I definitely miss the older days, this is still some nice catchy music and oh, the cover art is stunning!
  12. Песни белой лилии
    by Alkonost
    Хмель Хмель
  13. With Doom We Come
    by Summoning
  14. Тропа к весне (Single)
    by Alkonost
    Тропа к весне Тропа к весне
    While the evolution of Alkonost may not please older fans, it still cannot be ignored that Andrey still managed to preserve Alkonost as a unique-sounding folk metal band. Great work. Looking forward for the upcoming LP.