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  1. Lantana, Florida
  2. Electronic
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  1. Helob
    by Roel Funcken
    Funck'd exclusive
  2. shift patterns
    by lovetrip
  3. Retour des Confins
    by Antonin De Bemels
  4. Tabatoo remixes + Grey sunday
    by Bill Vortex, Lokom, Noise Ctrl, Syntwerk & Waves Explorer
  5. Solsense
    by Scape One
  6. Banisteriopsis Caapi
    by Legiac
  7. Tropic of Virgo
    by Julia Bondar
  8. Synth City
    by Martin Roth
  9. 空間 Kūkan [ECU118]
    by NYORAI
  10. Sigil Therapy-Restituto
    by MEI
  11. Special Treatment [ECU117]
    by Gabo Rio
  12. In The Mix
    by Alpha Romeo
  13. Kadrex4
    by Roel Funcken
    Funck'd exclusive
  14. Extinct Species
    by Cursor Miner
    by Antonin De Bemels
  16. The Dark Opens The Way (Markus Guentner Remix)
    by GALÁN / VOGT
  17. Straight from the Void (Pt.1)
    by Adrien d'Elzius
  18. Star Drifter [ECU109]
    by Jodövade
  19. Breakbeats & Anthropology
    by Waves Explorer
  20. Last of the Orange Light
    by The Space Between Numbers