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  1. The Cosmological Despair
    by Lars Haur
  2. Expectant
    by Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt
  3. Are They Masks? (2007)
    by dd/mm/yyyy
  4. Sublimate
    by Neuro... No Neuro
  5. Everything's Cool
    by Ooey & Dead Young Deer
  6. The Grand Panjandrum
    by Ergo Phizmiz
  7. VA⁴ (Valentino Arco)
    by Danny Playamaqui
  8. Human Calzones
    by Suko Pyramid
  9. Foxy
    by Acef Stripe
  10. The Poor. The Reign.
    by Whettman Chelmets
    We Do the Work Now (Intensity Mix) We Do the Work Now (Intensity Mix)
    I like how the music on this release isn't exactly background music but isn't desperate for your attention either. We Do The Work Now reminds me of a really tense, surreal scene of a movie where something bad is about to happen, perhaps a workplace accident in a mine or a turn-of-the-century factory.
    by Uncanny Dandelions
    Nevertheless Nevertheless
    I think what I enjoy about this release is just how much fun UD seems to have with these beats. Not really a boring track on the album. Love the creative/glitchy production.
  12. Not At All
    by Marco Trovatello
  13. Ahornschraube [SPT Cassingle #3]
    by Harald Sack Ziegler
  14. The Inverted Amblyopiac [SPT Cassingle #1]
    by Tiger Village
  15. What Brought You Here [SPT Cassingle #5]
    by German Army
  16. bumper music for the end times. [SPT Cassingle #4]
    by qualchan.
  17. The Bakery
    by The Pink Lady Apple House
  18. Film Of Life
    by Tony Allen
  19. Elmyr
    by Ergo Phizmiz
  20. Dumpster Diving
    by Suko Pyramid