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  1. P A L M S I V
    by The ローマンRoman Collective
    by Pale Spring
    Happening Happening
    Incredible synth record with infectious pop elements! Atmospheric and soothing at points, Cygnus captures different moods and translates them to amazing songs. I highly recommend you get this~
    by Golden Living Room
    BLOOD 4 MONEY (Feat. 회사AUTO) BLOOD 4 MONEY (Feat. 회사AUTO)
    A lot of the sounds on here preview new directions to come for Golden Living Room, from new age synth tounches to textural electronic backdrops. While not my go-to for GLR, it's an interesting debut with a lot to say~
  4. Songs About Drinking Coffee
    by Father Glamor
    Fluffy Coffee Fluffy Coffee
    The title is as explicit as it gets! Synthetic rhythms and the addition of piano make up these bubbly tracks. Warm as your morning and steamy as your coffee, this EP is a nice little refresher when you're feeling tranquil~
    One of my favorite Vaperror releases, it can be a hectic yet energetic listen of juke, footwork, and abnormal spots of glitch. The combination may sound disorienting, but the charm in its bright synth tones and different percussion timbres round out this release into one of the most fun listens in the Vaperror discography~
  6. Mana Pool
    808 Dreams 808 Dreams
    A consistent, snappy arrangement of trap percussion and heavy basslines is sometimes enough to satisfy me, which is what Mana Pool does well for me. It has the simplicity to be a smooth listen but it has the catchy loops to bring you back again and again. Great debut from Vaperror~
  7. SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3​]​.​torrent
    by R23X
    ⚔ Necessary Crafting & Alchemy ⚔ ⚔ Necessary Crafting & Alchemy ⚔
    One of my favorite, if not the best, R23X album on his catalog. It carves out the fictional video game soundtrack narrative with such precision, yet feels incredibly seamless and effortless to the ear. R23X has a knack for making short-but-sweet tracks and threading them to a wonderful quilt of beats~
    by ESPRIT 空想
    slow2014.wav slow2014.wav
    A decent collection of hazy and chill instrumental beats that will fit right in with your playlists. Not every track will be a showstopper, but George Clanton can bring the heat to this release when it can~
  9. Late Night Delight
    by LE//SP
    I've loved each artist individually and this release really does bring the best in each other's legacy in the vaporwave scene. As amazing as it has been when it first came out, this will forever be a classic~
  10. Skyjelly - We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers
    by Skyjelly
    Big Mouth Big Mouth
    This EP scratches those needed itches for drippy and sinfully blissful rock psychedelics. Another great Skyjelly release and should be in the radars of any rock and psychedelic enthusiast~
  11. Spirited Discussion
    by Rangers
    Baked whale Baked whale
    A great follow-up to Late Electrics, Rangers delivers punchy riffs and sticky tunes with Spirited Discussion. That's sometimes all you need, especially from the hypnogagic pop legend himself~
  12. Session Man
    by Rangers
  13. Solstice Birth Magic
    by PJS
  14. 479
    by Danny Playamaqui
  15. This Is How You Smile
    by Helado Negro
    Please Won't Please Please Won't Please
    A much calmer, laid-back release compared to the last one. The organic acoustics and percussion bring a real sense of warmth to Helado Negro's lyricism. This has some great songs, and while it's not my favorite release he's done, it's a direction I'd like him to further explore for sure~
  16. Venereology (Remaster Reissue)
    by Merzbow
    Slave New Desart Slave New Desart
    Explosive, aggressive, and full of burning noise and distortion. This is classic Merzbow at his best. While missing a track from the original, this is a great reissue and the packaging is solid. Very satisfied~
  17. Mirror
    by Kagami Smile
    Mirror (feat. Diamond Soul) Mirror (feat. Diamond Soul)
    A more airy and loose release from Kagami Smile, it's the type of ambient to really take you away into the bleakness of space~
  18. Parasite Falls
    by Renjā
    Day of the Lord Day of the Lord
    While not a favorite for me, Parasite Falls delivers quaint snapshots and memories into dizzying ballads and loops. Will play well for meditative moods~
  19. Earth On Heaven
    by HOTT MT
    Good Luck Good Luck
    An interesting follow-up for HOTT MT, dabbling with more synthpop and ambient textures into their impressive psychedelic rock compositions. It's got solid tunes and a great vocalist, and it's definitely something you should your money on~
  20. Ensnare
    by Father Glamor
    Hundreds of Lights Turning On and Off Hundreds of Lights Turning On and Off
    There's a frantic and buzzing sensation coming from Ensare, and it pays off with a collection of tracks that feel on the edge yet ready to burst. One feels tension in the compositions but also more tender and melodic moments throughout. Give this Father Glamor album a listen~
  21. Deep Fantasy
    by S U R F I N G
    Senegal Senegal
    A bursting and colorful introduction to a great band from Australia, Deep Fantasy is a personal favorite full of charm and catchy tunes that has given this the cult following it deserves~
  22. William Carlos Whitten - Burn My Letters
    by William Carlos Whitten
  23. Reef Frequent
    by Reef Frequent
    Gold Leaf Gold Leaf
    An excellent debut for Reef Frequent, full of awesomely rich and beefy tunes. If you want to hear more beat-driven track from this artist, you can't go wrong picking this one up~
  24. Sleepline
    by New Dreams Ltd.
    Seed Of Life - New Media Seed Of Life - New Media
    I've always loved releases that explored sampling with commercials, and Vektroid just happens to be the queen of sound collages. A tasty release with just the right textural backdrop of ambience to really make this a cohesive and complex listen.
  25. Shader Complete
    by Sacred Tapestry
    ドリーミー ドリーミー
    The original release is an experimental feat and this revision does it so much justice. Rounding out the release with a luscious production behind it, Shader Complete is the definitive listen for such a peculiar section of Vektroid's vast catalog.
  26. Cure for Pharma
  27. VA³ (Valentino Arco)
    by Danny Playamaqui
  28. Night Thoughts
    by VHSテープリワインダー
  29. brod
    by dounpour
  30. HALOS
    by AGORA
    oh yeah woo yeah oh yeah woo yeah woo yeah oh yeah oh woo woo yeah woo yeah woo yeah woo time yeah yeah woo yeah~
  31. lotusremixes
    by digitalage
  32. lotusflowers
    by digitalage
  33. Gesture Life
    by David Busch
  34. distant fantasies
    by memory gateways
  35. Cooperative Taxi Station
    by Null Object
  36. Holograms
    by 骷
  37. Cool Water
    by 骷
  38. Lost Memories 3
    by 骷
  39. Reflections
    by 骷
  40. Skeleton
    by 骷
  41. Sunset Melody
    by 骷
  42. Downtown
    by DS
  43. Extra Joints
    by Daniel Saylor
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. Opaque Summer
    by Daniel Saylor
  45. Pictures of You
    by Tsunxmi