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  1. The Colour Of Happy
    by the james clark institute
  2. Electric Looking Glass - Somewhere Flowers Grow
    by We Are Busy Bodies
  3. Rarities
    by Eureka Machines
  4. Champion The Underdog
    by Eureka Machines
  5. Brain Waves
    by Eureka Machines
  6. Do Or Die
    by Eureka Machines
  7. Remain In Hope
    by Eureka Machines
  8. Victories
    by Eureka Machines
  9. Live At Leeds - 2014
    by Eureka Machines
  10. Electric Candyland
    by Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents
    Getaway Getaway
    This wonderful collection is a reminder of how much fun music can be. Sounding like Debbie Harry, but with stronger vocal cords, Jenny Dee belts out new wave power pop, soul and girl group vibes with a vengeance not heard since the 80's. all the songs are well crafted with hooks galore and the musicianship is just as strong. The production is perfect. Electric Candyland is the right title for music that will make you get up and dance all through the day and night.
  11. Victoria Moon
    by The Luck of Eden Hall
  12. Sabbat Matters
    by Gloria
  13. Circles - The Ultimate Fleur De Lys
    by Fleur De Lys
  14. The Tipping Scale
    by Kinlaw
  15. If it ain't Rum Bar Records it ain't worth the shot. Vol. 2 (Free Digital) label sampler
    by Rum Bar Records
  16. Work It Out
    by Bloods
    Thinkin' About You Thinkin' About You
    Catchy and loud in a magnificent way. This Australian band can go from soft to loud (very loud) with memorable songs that really rock hard. I can imagine Bloods is amazing live because their songs reflect that ethic on disc. It is a completely solid album from start to finish. Listening to this gives me so much energy to get through a busy day. Crank it up and rock out.
  17. Pet City
    by EEEKS
    by Messer Chups
  19. Fun Sized
    by Hayley and the Crushers
    Jacaranda Jacaranda
    What can I say about my new favorite band except that every track is a gem. This EP is no exception. It's music that takes me back to classic punk pop from the late 1970's and early 80's. I love this stuff and can't wait for more.
  20. Ramones Songbook As Played By The Nutley Brass
    by The Nutley Brass
    I Wanna Be Sedated I Wanna Be Sedated
    Yeah, it's Muzak, but it's Ramones Muzak and that must account for something. I like playing this in my office since most of my other bizarre music selections wouldn't be acceptable. Besides that, it's fun to see if any former punks recognize the songs done lounge style. It makes you long for a Teenage Lobotomy while drinking a martini. There is no better way to be sedated than that.