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  1. Calypso Drip FM
    by Gryff
    Jessie Jessie
    If 80's were a coffee, this album would be a finely crafted espresso. Smooth, creamy, neon pop tones with concentrated & bittersweet nostalgic flavor. This is the kind of album you always catch yourself searching for, but rarely ever seem to find. Amazing work!!! : ]
  2. Just Drive (Part 1)
    by W O L F C L U B
    Just Drive (feat. Summer Haze) Just Drive (feat. Summer Haze)
    A heartbreaking next act to the previous fun-loving euro-pop tone of the previous album. We see a deeper, more bittersweet expression here of nostalgic days now past. Perhaps at one time we've all given up that one person -that one thing- we will always regret. This album grants you a chance to go back for a few moments... and relive it. Definitely a step in the right direction here! Great work! : ]
  3. Artifact
    by Mitch Murder
    Artifact Artifact
    Mhmmm! Feels like I'm on a dire mission to assassinate rogue androids in the back alley of a neon-drenched futuristic hellscape. Great job!
  4. Maverick (Atlas B-Sides)
    by FM-84
    Maverick Maverick
    Nostalgia is inherently age-proof. A solemn rejection we will outgrow the experiences that shaped us. It's inescapable quality to transport us momentarily to decades long past and sample the majesty of feelings we still crave, but must appreciate from the review mirror. Quietly reminding us to drive this passion forward whilst into the sunset. Bravo FM-84.
  5. Switched On: A Link to the Past (Extended Edition)
    by Switched On
    Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle
    A a lovingly "Lo-Fi" synth rendition of all your Link to the Past favorites. Each track is meticulously crafted with care using sweet retro-synthesizers. Don't miss out on this unique tribute! : ]
  6. Mother Fucking Earthbound
    by ErichWK
    Good Friends, Bad Friends Good Friends, Bad Friends
    ErichWK has somehow managed to reach through time and pull the soundtrack we all know and love from Earthbound into the modern-era. Each rendition crafted with fuzzy pickle goodness, the source material obviously close by. This album is fun and endearing, capturing all the wackiness and heart of the original chiptunes - BUY this album!!! : ]
  7. CrossCode (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Deniz Akbulut
    Awakened Awakened
    Feeling both familiar and foreign, this album transports fans back to an era where SNES gems like Chrono Trigger and Terranigma reigned supreme. A true throwback experience in every sense of the term, with tracks which feel right at home with those beloved titles. AMAZING work here - do not miss this hidden gem!!! : ]
  8. H Block
    by Sons of Pythagoras
    Perfect blend of DarkSynth and Hip-Hop to get you in the headspace to take on 10 androids in brutal hand-to-hand combat! ...or maybe just lift some heavy things and put them back down again. : ] Great Job!
  9. Electric Dreams
    by Siamese Youth
    Nariyeh Thanei (feat. Futurecop!) Nariyeh Thanei (feat. Futurecop!)
    I feel like I'm sitting outside of a neon-drenched shopping mall... counting the quarters I have before asking the cutest girl in school out to the arcade. : ] WOW! Completely out of left-field - giving some of the best on the synth-scene a run for their $$$ Keep em' coming!!!
  10. The Disk Hunter
    by Waveshaper
    Client Client
    Feels like Waveshaper hacked his way into The Neverending Story; flying on Valcore's back through the neonscape! Rich, creamy, adventure-oriented retro-synths - atop of warm nostalgic undertones. I didn't want it to end! Don't miss this small unexpected gem! : ]
  11. Last Stand
    by Neon Nox
    Arrival Arrival
    Shifting up to fifth gear in this cinematic second-act to his initial synthwave shocker - Neon Nox trades in its outrun reds, for sultry Blade Runner-esque hues of blue. Feels like we've perfectly infiltrated the cybernetics lab and have made off with the upgrades. AMAZING JOB!!! Keep em' coming!
  12. S/T
    by Gost
    Cascade Cascade
    Incredible prowess on display here with strange fusion of the darkest 80's glitch and synth. Feels like we obtained it from that sketchy-looking figure.. down the back ally your mother always told you to never go down... GREAT WORK!
  13. MANIAC feat Yann Ligner
    by Carpenter Brut
    A darksynth-infused faithful cover of a total 80's classic! Given the song's origin story, I wouldn't want any other version of this. Literal perfection. Amazing work! Just...TAKE MY MONEY!
  14. Monsters
    by The Midnight
    Last Train Last Train
    Trading in most of its nostalgia for melancholy, this new experimental venture feels as confused as a 90's teenager at times. Waxing and waning between 80's synthwave and techno-infused early hip-hop, there is still plenty to get excited about here - but don't expect the usual fare. : ]
  15. Arcade Summer
    by Arcade Summer
    Tunnel Run Tunnel Run
    A dreamy and atmospheric night-tour through nostalgic 80's L.A. that hits all the right cords! Not overly complex in its execution - or statement, instead opting for a steady command of easy synth listening; capable of matching tone with the most popular artists out today. VERY strong work on display here. Bravo! Keep em' coming!
  16. Runaways
    by W O L F C L U B
    All We Live For All We Live For
    A premium -but definately more experimental- effort here from WOLFCLUB, with faster euro-pop tones. Less melancholic sunset and more 'fun before the high-school prom' feel. It has definite appeal to it, but carves out a niche all its own.
  17. Afterburner
    by Essenger
    Woa...WOA! Silky smooth synthwave with a hard gut-punch of outrun?! YES! This is what your ears have been missing! For best results: TURN IT UP!!!
  18. Stranger Love
    by Ollie Wride & Sunglasses Kid
    The best songs are the ones that were always your favorite, but you just hadn't discovered them yet. That's what we have here. Instantly memorable - hits all the right notes, in all the ways we need it to. Fantastic!
  19. Faded Memory (ft. Timecop1983)
    by Jessie Frye
    Panning for synthwave gold in the troves of Bandcamp - It always brings a smile to my face when I... find a piece. : ]
  20. Thanks in Advance
    by Ollie Wride
    Never Live Without You Never Live Without You
    Undeniable talent oozing from this newcomer! Ripped straight from those favorite moments of that one 80's movie we all know and love - but was only released in our dreams. The best albums MAKE you remember them... and this one does just that. : ]