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  1. Welcome to Struggleville (1994)
    by Vigilantes of Love
  2. Slow Dark Train (1997)
    by Vigilantes of Love
    Judas Skin Judas Skin
    A master of meta/confessional metaphors.Take Slow Dark Train: from "Tokyo Rose" (about his wife, at least in part), to Judas Skin (and don't we all wear it now and then?), Bill Mallonee makes novelistic albums like few artists ever have, both deeply personal and oddly universal. Here, his band, his keen eye and his sharp tongue were as strong as they've ever been. The harvest was ripe, he wrote & sang 'em brilliantly, and we can still enjoy the ever-fresh fruits of his labor for decades to come.
    by The Pinkerton Raid
    The Boys from Lowell The Boys from Lowell
    Plaintive voices. Good with the ol' metaphor.... and with plenty of gutsy things to SAY, too. The perfect blend of Boston headiness and hillbilly heart. If this be the sound of hope, PLAY ON!
  4. Killing Floor (1992)
    by Vigilantes of Love
    Undertow Undertow
    I own this, and have for years. Only just now heard what seems like a sitar (!!!???!!!) on "Undertow". Maybe mandolin, but I wouldn't put it past these producers to go further "East". Great example of why repeat listens yield new results with VoL.
    by Bill Mallonee/WPA
  6. Highliner
    by Jason Harrod
  7. RENDERINGS (A WPA vols.1-4 Retrospective)
    by Bill Mallonee
  8. The Lost Cabin And The Mystery Trees (Deluxe)
    by The Lost Dogs
  9. Old Angel
    by The Lost Dogs
  10. Frailty (Remastered)
    by Tim Coons
  11. AMBER WAVES Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love (2012)
    by Bill Mallonee

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  1. Locust Years
    by Vigilantes of Love