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Merritt Harris

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  1. Bigger/Better
    by Mountains & Valleys
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  2. Rat King
    by Mountains & Valleys
  3. Stuck in the Middle
    by Mountains & Valleys
  4. Dark or in the Day
    by School Friends
    Dark Like You Dark Like You
    Joel song writing is second to none. All of his songs feel like a cozy day on the couch with a warm cup of tea and good friends.
  5. Born With Teeth
    by Mountains & Valleys
  6. Friends of Friends
    by School Friends
    When I Open Up (Ojai Cover) When I Open Up (Ojai Cover)
    This album is powerful. Joel artfully picked and recreated these songs in a fresh and beautiful way. His singing is heartfelt and intimate. Love it.
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  7. Remixed
    by Mountains & Valleys
  8. Live at SubCat Studio - SubRosa Sessions
    by Mountains & Valleys
  9. Coma
    by School Friends
    North North
    Me likey, me very likey. This album is 100%. I never skip a track. I listened so much that bandcamp kept telling me to buy it. The vocals and lyrics feel real and heartfelt. Each song is full of ear candy and hooks that you will find yourself humming later. <3
  10. Mountains & Valleys
    by Mountains & Valleys
  11. ephaphatha, be opened
    by Mountains & Valleys
  12. Smoke Thin
    by The Firs
    One of my favorite upstate NY albums. These tunes are tragic and real. The lofi sound is endearing.
  13. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Sufjan has always been one of my main influences as a songwriter. I like that he can somehow span so many genres so fluidly. I think this album is one of my favorites of his works, although Illinois is in my top 10 of all time albums. Way to go Sufjan!
  14. Necrobisect
    by Pete Jon
  15. Sorry
    by Sheila She Loves You
  16. The Dawn Sang Along
    by The Little Ones
  17. Home
    by Vermilion Club
  18. To Both Sides, Dear
    by The World Is Not Flat
  19. What Borders Us
    by Bethany J Dueck
    Beth is a silent poet. Her playing is always her own. This album is so beautiful. Once I looped it on a road trip from Atlanta, GA to Syracuse NY. Give it a purchase, you wont regret it.