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  1. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
  2. Downwell
    by Eirik Suhrke
  3. Spelunky 2
    by Eirik Suhrke
    Ripple Ripple
  4. operat0r
    by n00bstar
    Syncronicity Syncronicity
  5. Nuclear Throne OST
    by Jukio Kallio
    Nuclear Throne Nuclear Throne
    102_BONUS_Lament_Of_A_Mother_Alt_Version is actually my favourite track, or is it Nuclear Throne?
  6. Plastic Love (TANUKI「パラパラSTIC」REMIX)
    by TANUKI
  7. The Early Attempts
    by Fearofdark
    Dancing On The M%n Dancing On The M%n
    Truly stellar.
  8. S3XMODIT Mania 2 Entries
    by Fearofdark
  9. S3XMODIT Mania Entries
    by Fearofdark
    Spugnik Spugnik
  10. The Coffee Zone
    by Fearofdark
    Pancake Department Pancake Department
  11. Exit Plan
    by Fearofdark
    Don't Leave Me Out Here In The Dark Don't Leave Me Out Here In The Dark
    There's something about this I can't explain.
  12. Motorway
    by Fearofdark
    Motorway Motorway
  13. Classics
    by Back Alley Kat
  14. runescape.wav符文風景骨架
    by runescape斯凱利
    我會修剪你的符文裝甲 我會修剪你的符文裝甲
  15. Mondo Museum
    by Jukio Kallio
    Character, will-power, drive.
  16. Dicey Dungeons Original Soundtrack
    by Chipzel
    Bonus Round Bonus Round
  17. Muse
    by Back Alley Kat
  18. Trinity
    by Back Alley Kat
  19. [ +*-= ]
    by theunseenfoe
    [ autumn ] [ autumn ]
    by Jukio Kallio