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Malte Svarta

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Metal
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  1. Usnea
    by Usnea
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    Chaoskampf Chaoskampf
    While this is in no way as atmospheric and ambient like much of the "Cascadian Black Metal", this band certainly seem rooted in the world of anarchic Cascadia, disgusted at civilisation and affirming a wilder world. Brazen Bull of Phalaris = Charging Bull of Wall Street. Financial tools of death for our time: "Disgust of man's cancer of worlds / Invent our ruin / Destroyer of worlds / In the guise of invention / Racing to self-destruction /Explained away by intention"
  2. Heathen
    by Thou
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    At the Foot of Mt. Drisskill At the Foot of Mt. Drisskill
    "Vanquished are the fires in the eyes of the friends I knew. Just as they are deafened to my wasted breath." A truth first depressing, and yet, like other Thou material, I am not weaker when listening ... They are making me perceive the fires not vanquished. Or perhaps other gestures than exhaling words that would reignite fires? So massive this album, like everything else this band makes. How wonderful that such doomy music can inspire raging hope and determination!
  3. Algiers
    by Thou
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    New Orleans is a Hole New Orleans is a Hole
  4. Oakland
    by Thou
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    Smoke Pigs Smoke Pigs
    This music makes these open hands that once would have offered forgiveness and even rehabilitation wanting to go out and smash something.
  5. Tyrant
    by Thou
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    Tyrant Tyrant
  6. Rendon
    by Thou
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    Fleurs de Mal Fleurs de Mal
  7. A Blackened Earth
    by 100 Years of Solitude
    A Blackened Earth A Blackened Earth
    Builds and builds and builds gazing at the floor until exploding in a train of screaming black metal until hitting a wall of harsh sludge until releasing into a soothing interlude which surprisingly does not break but builds and builds again until ... it just goes weaving one magnificent thing into the other. Anticipating what this band will become! But where's the lyrics??
  8. Thane
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    Alabaster Alabaster
  9. Anarchic
    by Skagos
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    Anarchic (side C) Anarchic (side C)
    Atmospheric and yet so earthly. Black metal got feral. I wish side B was spoken in it's entirety like it in the beginning, because this is one enchanting and sincere gesture of worshipping this raging earth of ours.
  10. Ást
    by Skagos
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    Colossal Spell Colossal Spell
  11. Skagos/Panopticon
    by Skagos
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    Smoldering Embers Smoldering Embers
  12. Thresholder
    by With The End In Mind
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    I. Thresholder I. Thresholder
  13. Grey Rock, Red Earth
    by Deafest & Evergreen Refuge
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    14,000 Feet 14,000 Feet
  14. Makrokosmos
    by Petrychor
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    The Place Where the Red Stars Hang The Place Where the Red Stars Hang
    This track title is probably the single most important contribution to nihilism: "Cosmic Irrelevance Does Not Suggest Terrestrial Insignificance"