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  1. Our Simulacra
    by The Flashbulb
  2. Virgin ubiquity
    by Rodrigo Passannanti
  3. Culprate - Beast (Vorso Remix)
    by Culprate
  4. The Death Of Pragmatism (Mako's Split Up Remix)
    by Throwing Snow
    by Giant Swan
  6. Jagged Roots
    by Ivy Lab
  7. Dogmatic Patterns
    by Toiminto
  8. Pneumatic Guru
    by Hypercube
  9. Weird Cult
    by bplrxxiii
  10. Zeta Reticuli
    by Jonah Hodges
  11. Puppet
    by dgoHn
  12. Idealog (AceMo Remix)
    by Throwing Snow
  13. Zero Point
    by Rob Clouth
  14. MOA018
    by Karl Marx
  15. Cafe Mor
    by Scorn
  16. Spirituality and Distortion
    by Igorrr
  17. Ego Contact
    by Aqka Torr
  18. rest from what
    by Wolff Parkinson White
    anal Jesus anal Jesus
  19. FINALLY EARLY 2 6B 1
    by Bewwip
  20. The Golden Sea
    by Surgeon
  21. Heal
    by Loops Haunt
  22. Zenith
    by Loops Haunt
    appears in 1 other collection
  23. Depot Drum feat. Morris Wotherspoon
    by Rognvald
  24. The Ununderstandable EP
    by Clearlight
  25. Yearning for the Infinite
    by Max Cooper
  26. Global Oxide
    by Hypercube & Nuanae
  27. Found Sound
    by Touched Music
  28. Legendary Passages
    by Rodrigo Passannanti
  29. Altaïr
    by Ruby My Dear
  30. The Death Of Pragmatism
    by Throwing Snow
  31. Contagious (Zoë Mc Pherson remix)
    by Contagious
  32. 0319 09 EINS c4 (32 cents)
    by Grischa Lichtenberger
  33. Tecvo OOH
    by OOH-sounds
  34. Blaze feat. Justin K Broadrick
    by Shapednoise
  35. Intriguing (In The End) feat. Mhysa
    by Shapednoise
  36. The Foolishness of Human Endeavour
    by Shapednoise
    appears in 1 other collection
  37. Hate Is a Strong Word, Pt. 1
    by Aquarian
  38. Envenom
    by Lee Gamble
  39. Sand (feat. Natalie Beridze)
    by Wolff Parkinson White
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. Kumquat
    by Karenn
  41. Strawbs
    by Karenn
  42. Bracer
    by Katie Gately
    by Nike_Vomita
  44. Lands of Delight
    by Alon Mor
  45. Vibranium Deluxe (featuring King Kashmere)