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  1. Looking for Daniel
    by Phill Niblock
  2. XKatedral Volume III
    by Ellen Arkbro - Caterina Barbieri - Kali Malone
  3. Softer Than Before
    by øjeRum
  4. The Night The Stars Fell
    by Ian Wellman
  5. Country Tropics
    by Old Saw
  6. Sounds While Waiting
    by Ellen Arkbro
  7. Sewn The Name
    by Old Saw
  8. Pipe Inversions (for Kirnberger III)
    by Kali Malone
  9. Velocity of Sleep
    by Kali Malone
  10. Darkness and Scattered Light
    by John Luther Adams
  11. Mikroskopien III
    by Zimoun
  12. All Life Long
    by Kali Malone
  13. ModularGuitarFields I-VI
    by Zimoun
  14. eremos
    by Siavash Amini
  15. The World Was Turning Before
    by Bill Seaman / Tim Diagram / Stephen Spera
  16. Saor
    by Claire M Singer
  17. Zone 7
    by Christina Giannone
  18. XIX
    by Manuel Mota
  19. Colours Of Air
    by loscil // lawrence english
  20. Outside The City of God (Augustine Wept)
    by Lawrence English