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  1. A Speedway On Saturn's Rings
    by The Fusion Syndicate
  2. Truth Against the World
    by The Andy Rothstein Band
  3. Chasing The Lesser Light
    by Kinetic Element
  4. Let Go
    by Matt Dorsey
  5. Dirty Horse
    by Marbin
  6. Légèreté De L'Être
    by Cédric Theys
  7. The Sun Will Always Set
    by Imminent Sonic Destruction
  8. Snapdragon
    by Oz Noy
  9. Tentacles
    by Stick Men
  10. The Endless Collection
    by IZZ
  11. A Lesson in Impermanence
    by John Ferrara
  12. TRUCE 2
    by Markus Reuter (featuring Fabio Trentini and Asaf Sirkis)
  13. The Hideous Goblink
    by Regal Worm
  14. Circadian
    by Intervals
  15. Liberation Time
    by John McLaughlin
  16. Chemical Reactions
    by Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard
  17. Between Sixes and Sevens
    by Dark Beauty
  18. Cactides
    by Titan to Tachyons
  19. Percy Jones, Alex Skolnick, Kenny Grohowski, Tim Motzer
    by PAKT - Percy Jones, Alex Skolnick, Kenny Grohowski, Tim Motzer
  20. The Uncrowned King
    by Evership