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  1. Siren To Blight
    Song of Subservient Bliss Song of Subservient Bliss
    Putrid stench of death. Weird and dissonant but stupidly brutal as well. Recommended for fans of Artificial Brain, Gorguts, Disentomb.
  2. UGLY
    by slowthai
    Selfish Selfish
    A mad, raging blend of punk, grime, and rock. Dark walls of electronics blend with shoegazing guitars, violent, stabbing synths, and menacing bass lines.
  3. Nova/Moth
    by Burial + Four Tet
    Nova Nova
  4. Cilicium
    by Issolei
  5. Feels Like You
    by Whirr
  6. Supraliminal
    by Nothingness
  7. Severance
    by Returning
    Bright Power, Dark Peace Bright Power, Dark Peace
    Howling evocations of nature's vastness. Clearly inspired by the earlier work of WITTR, but steeped in a more ritualistic, dark and folkish atmosphere. A stunning record.
  8. Destruction Ritual
    by Destruction Ritual
    Broken Vows & Unspoken Truth Broken Vows & Unspoken Truth
    Nasty, violent black metal which churns and howls with unholy fury.
  9. Coagula
    by Laere
    Aurorae Aurorae
    Powerful, vicious, darkly beautiful black metal highly recommended for fans of Sinmara and Watain. A slight step-up from Solve which was already excellent.
  10. Solve
    by Laere
    Tenebrae Tenebrae
    Powerful, vicious, darkly beautiful black metal highly recommended for fans of Sinmara and Watain.
  11. Häxanu - Totenpass
    by Amor Fati Productions
  12. Colours of Faith
    by POXX
  14. Aperture Of Body
    by Tomb Mold
  15. Convergence
    by Miscreance
    No Empathy No Empathy
    This one just goes so damn hard from start to finish. Technical, blackened thrash metal which to me recalls both later Death and the thrashy complexity of Voivod.
  16. Watchers' Reign II: Speculum Angelorum et Hominis
    by Antediluvian
    Solarburst Solarburst
    Three excellent demos by one of the weirdest and most underrated black/death metal bands out there. Churning, horrifying, chthonic labyrinths of murky sludge and unspeakable horrors.
  17. Realms of Exquisite Morbidity
    by Malignant Altar
  19. Transylvanian Glare
    by Arnaut Pavle
  20. Spheres Of Time
    by SOLANUM