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    by NINGEN
    A beautiful, deep ambient take on the metro-ko aesthetic already established on previous NINGEN recordings, exploring the mellower side of his style of production.
  2. magical journey
    by emamouse
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    My magical journey My magical journey
    Emamouse is one of the most original artists of this generation, and this small 3-track EP (plus the silly–fun smol experimental video which accompanies it) is a great introduction to her world, humor and music.
  3. Dead:Unearthed
    by The Holocene
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    The Blood Friends The Blood Friends
    by Secret Chiefs 3
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    Secret Chiefs 3 are back once again, with another essential double-headed beacon of light and wisdom. As always, the music is both deliriously complex and charged with more ideologico-politico-philosophical text than most Western artistic outcome. The first track is stylized as an apocalyptic throwback to big band soundtrack music—incredibly fun. The second track is another wonderful Ishraqiyun cut, following primordial geometric structures with their established, beautiful hyper-cultural sound.
  5. An Unexpected Memory (It Was Nearly Evening)
    by NINGEN
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    Snowdin Snowdin
    "An Unexpected Memory" is just lovely. In spite of it being presented as a collection of unreleased tracks, it wouldn't be fair to call or regard the new NINGEN release as a collection of outtakes/scrapped pieces. These are all solid tracks, which slowly reveal NINGEN's focused, yet not limited, range of production; essentially, the worth of his talent. Could easily work as a loose introduction to his music.

    (Disclosure: I have collaborated with NINGEN in the past, and he is a fwend of mine.)
  6. Cross Processing
    by Helios 44-2
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    Tri-X (1600 push) Tri-X (1600 push)
    NINGEN has proved, with both his solo releases and his work with Deafanese, that he's one of the greatest underground producers working today. His amazingly fun foray into vapor culture-flavored futurefunk only shows the versatility of his talent and ability to perfect any genre he faces, while keeping his signature intact.

    (Disclosure: I made the artwork for the release, and NINGEN is a fwend of mine.)
  7. Complete Song Books
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    Solo For Voice #1 Solo For Voice #1
  8. neon nights
    by snake of june
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    last kiss last kiss
  9. I Shall Die Here
    by The Body
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    Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain
    The Body made "I Shall Die Here" in the outskirts of metal, using elements from sludge, noise, industrial, drone and avantgarde and taking them to their most esoteric extreme. A totally destructive, ear-damaging release that is worth dwelling into.
  10. Vincent & Mr. Green
    by Vincent & Mr. Green
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    When We Were We When We Were We
    Vincent & Mr. Green's debut album is pretty much perfect, and one of the most beautiful–tragic collections of songs I've listened. As sensual as it's dense, broken, its cabaret domain becomes home for sad tales of regret told in whispers and soul— built on perfect, tense hip-hop-inspired lo-fi jazz; cinematographic-like song constructions; and the gorgeous voice of the great Jade Vincent. An essential release from one of the greatest acts of music history, and one of the best albums of all time.
  11. All along the way
    by She Was Loud
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    One of the greatest songs of all time, and one of my favorite songs ever recorded. It feels like the apogee of decades of alt. rock music. I must have played this song a thousand times when I first got hold of it, from one of the best rock bands of the last ten years.
  12. Saptarshi / Radar
    by Secret Chiefs 3
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    Radar (The Day the Earth Stood Still) Radar (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
    Secret Chiefs 3, like all the best bands, works on a higher plane of music. To listen to Trey Spruance's stellar band is to hear the work of a master, a philosopher, an intellectual, a genius. This single, their debut and only release in BandCamp, features some of the most complex arrangements from one of the most unique music projects ever created.
  13. UR: Telstar / The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique)
    by Secret Chiefs 3
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    The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique) The New Daylight (Welcome to the Theatron Animatronique)
    This new Secret Chiefs 3 single really feels like a new sunrise after a long period of darkness. These two suprasensory surf masterpieces by Trey Spruance's majestic satellite UR revisit both the surf genre's classics, and previous material by the band, in what pretty much becomes a tiny, two-parts space journey. As essential as everything else by the band-project.
  14. Gallery
    by Growl
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    Halfway Home Halfway Home
    Growl is awesome! Energetic, fun, poppy songs with super cool ideas, funny lyrics. By far one of the best debut EPs I've heard from an indie rock pop band. Love 'em!
  15. Cosmonauts - exit 260
    by Toast Party
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    One of my favorite indie rock songs. Perfect pop chants, awesomely constructed guitar riffs, enough fun weirdness to make it unique compared to most indie music out there, and a totally original approach to production, filled with tiny cinematic glimpses and landscapes. One of the greatest songs of all time.
  16. comfort creatures e.p.
    by david thomas jones
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    the deaf words the deaf words
    David Thomas Jones is one of the greatest living musicians, and it goes to show the injustice of this uncaring universe that his debut EP is not being heard by every rock-listening living person ever. Another indie rock album that's beyond filled with energy, brains and guts, and a great debut EP by an indie rock hero.

    (Disclosure: I've worked done remixes for Jones and his band Watch Out for Rockets.)
  17. 601
    by Kelli Schaefer
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    Giants Giants
    "601" by Kelli Schaefer is filled with some of the most daring songs ever composed. Experimental, intimate, subtle, complex, emotional— this EP is one of the best music releases in Bandcamp and current pop music.
  18. Cielo
    by Cielo
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    All Die In My Street All Die In My Street
    Mixing elements of the tenser, sparser, noisier side of indie rock, even warping themselves into sludge and droney voids, Cielo feels like the best strains of all those genres and moods put together; with lovely suffocating female voices rambling in Spanish on top of the grinding music, bringing a nightmarish touch to the whole deal.
  19. Robot Gigante Avanzando
    by Juanita y Los Feos
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    Pegame en la Disco Pegame en la Disco
    This EP-single-thing is my personal favorite of the band. Huge early influence for me, with their raw surf-like guitar buzzes and beats, and the classic '70s garage vocal takes of one of the best girl punk vocalists of all time. Classic.
  20. Halloween - Half in the Bag Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
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    Excellent commentary for the John Carpenter classic. Lots of trivia, odd comedy, weird tangents, and commentary on the slasher genre as a whole.
  21. Kids
    by Katie Day
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    Kids Kids
    A tiny cute pop EP with awesome fuzzy songs, inventive chord progressions and melody approaches that I generally don't get to hear in most modern pop. Lots of creativity and loveliness with amazing production.
  22. Loves You
    by Wonderbitch
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    Love Love
    Like a mix of Sparks, Pink Floyd, indie rock and everything else, Wonderbitch's "Loves You" is a perfect collection of spacey, dancey, funky prog rock awesomeness.
  23. Lame Party
    by Sun Damage
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    Healthy Healthy
    Awesomely and honestly recapturing the sounds of alt. rock, indie rock and grunge, Sun Damage's debut album features a great set of noisy tracks, badass riffs and weird choices. Fun stuff!
  24. Audio On
    by Darlings Of Casioland
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    Audio On Audio On
    The newest single by Chriddof as Darlings of Casioland is so much fun! Two tiny cool songs played on one of those vintage Casio keyboards and a Speak & Spell, written and recorded by the most interesting British artist around.

    (Disclosure: We have been frequent collaborators over the years.)
  25. Ghostbusters 2 - Half in the Bag Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
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    Ghostbusters II truly is a terrible film, and the RLM team are able to explain it thoroughly, in hilarious and insightful ways, with behind the scenes trivia and their usual odd tangents.
  26. Whateryadoin?
    by Qui
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    "Whateryadoin?" by Qui must be one of the greatest awkward kinda-gay love anti-ballads (next to Grum's "Through the Night"). It's funny, clever, musically genius, unique and just super awesome.
  27. High Strangeness EP
    by Disasterpeace
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    Spirit Square (remix) Spirit Square (remix)
    Disasterpeace's "High Strangeness EP" is some of the most original chiptunes music I've heard. Even under 13 minutes, there's so much brilliance here that I had to get it.
  28. Mutated Mechanics
    by Fresh Breeze Movement
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    Sorry For Partying Sorry For Partying
    One of my favorite hip-hop releases ever. Two great rappers, hilarious stuff, clever ideas and excellent beats.
  29. Sprinklesburgh Quartet
    by Sprinklesburgh Quartet
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    Lonely Woman Lonely Woman
    One of the best jazzy records I've heard from modern musicians, they know how to channel their influences into their performances and arrangements. A great project made by some of the best instrumentalists I've had the chance of listening.

    (Disclosure: I am acquainted with the musicians who performed on this release.)
  30. split w/ Amorous Dialogues
    by Etai Keshiki
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    Grey Lie Grey Lie
    Etai Keshiki is one of the best no wave bands ever. Raw, chaotic yet so seductive, they play the hell out of their noise apparatus and make brilliant grrl noise chaos that feels fuzzy in my spine.
  31. 15/6/2014
    by Mands
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    waterline waterline
    Still one of the greatest noise rock albums I've listened to in my life. Too unknown, too under, too underrated, too great. Coast to coast sonic guitar corruption, deranged girl screaming, tribal punk beat(ings) and lo-fi brashness. So fun, so bleak.
  32. This is the Time (We Have Prepared For)
    by Chris Remo
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    This is a song and it's lovely and I wanted it so I bought it and here it is now, on my computer. Awesome stuff!
  33. Clint Eastwood Anal Prolapse
    by Clint Eastwood Anal Prolapse
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    Clint Eastwood Anal Prolapse Clint Eastwood Anal Prolapse
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  34. Shit Off
    by Etai Keshiki
    Shit Off Shit Off
    Short track, awesome noisy stuff. Love it!