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Mike Ashton

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  1. In Time
    by The Emerald Dawn
  2. Chronology
    by Chronotope Project
  3. Hinkstep — Open Heart
    by Mystic Sound Records
  4. Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands Soundtrack (Extended)
  5. Flaming Bess - Wrinkle Of Time
    by Flaming Bess
  6. The Wind Under Water
    by Christopher Sisk
  7. Secret Sky
    by Secret Sky
    Nor All Thy Tears Nor All Thy Tears
    Well, I had the physical CD but now I have the download. The quality of the music and the musicianship on this recording is peerless. The main protagonists are well established. Atmospheric, emotional, mystical music.
  8. Human Sleeping - Dreams 1 to 8
    by Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming
  9. The Whispering Of The World / The Quiet Room Session
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  10. Cocoon
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  11. A Song Of Spring/Spring re-Loaded/Story Tellers Parts 1&2
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  12. The Depths of Winter
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  13. Cyan - For King And Country 2021
    by Cyan
  14. reverie
    by ESP Project
  15. Circles (remastered)
    by Solstice
  16. Dancing in the Face Of Danger
    by Exploring Birdsong
    Ever the Optimist Ever the Optimist
    Exploring Birdsong are a good example of a very rare and precious thing...a new and genuinely original musical creation.
    l've been waiting for this release with more than usual eagerness, the releases of Ever The Optimist and Bear The Weight just confirmed the talent but the full release of Dancing in the Face of Danger has, in common parlance, "blown me away". This is truly excellent.
    I was sure to set Bear the Weight as my favourite but now it has to be Ever the Optimist. Yep, changed my mind
  17. The Garden Of Grace
    by ARGUS
  18. Exit Music (for a film)
    by Lost Child Found featuring Grace Davidson
    More haunting, ethereal music.
  19. Sister
    by Maer
  20. Hotel Utopia
    by The Blackheart Orchestra
    Dust Dust
    More fabulous original music, and not just "same old same old" either.