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  1. ASURA
  2. Aural Manifestations
    by Iggor Cavalera
    Side B. Side B.
  3. La Casa dei Riflessi Neri “The House of Black Reflections”
    by SEHKTOR8
  4. Oxidation
    by Prurient
  5. Negative Fascination (Expanded)
    by Silent Servant
  6. Pain Is All I Have For You
    by Wounded Son
  7. Luxor Necropolitics
    by Vatican Shadow
  8. Destroy Chemical Weapons
    by Vatican Shadow
  9. Government Controlled Shrines
    by Linekraft/Prurient
  10. Queridão
    by DJ Anderson do Paraíso
    by DECIUS
  12. New Year's Day Dark Ambient
    by Failing Lights
  13. Coast Guard Gulf of Blood
    by Vatican Shadow
  14. Pandora's Box Vol. I
    by The Pale Newspaper
  15. Betting On Death
    by Ron Morelli
  16. Industrialized Criminals History
    by Linekraft
  17. Black Crows Cyborg
    by Merzbow / Prurient
  18. Loch Ness Monster
    by Thirdorgan
  19. Migrate Exquisite Corpse
    by Lussuria
  20. Stillborn
    by Van Gogh Torments