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  1. It's Immaterial
    by Black Marble
    Iron Lung Iron Lung
  2. Fast Idol
    by Black Marble
    Somewhere Somewhere
    I am in love with their music. Feels like my musical journey was always meant to lead me here...

    It is playing on repeat since the day of release and I love it more every time.
  3. Lesser Man (extended version)
    by Boy Harsher
    Modulations Modulations
    This is still the best. I can't imagine a better album to dance to - a perfect expression of my darkest and most secret desires.
  4. Careful
    by Boy Harsher
    The Look You Gave (Jerry) The Look You Gave (Jerry)
    It's hard to decide on my favourite track, they are all great. The whole atmosphere of the album is one of late summer and oppressive heat, with people slowly roaming dusty streets or hanging out in sparse shadow, old cars with sun-bleached plastic charms dangling from rear mirrors, motels with box air conditioners louder than they are effective...
  5. Country Girl Uncut
    by Boy Harsher
    Underwater Underwater
  6. Yr Body is Nothing
    by Boy Harsher
    Morphine Morphine
    Sometimes I say to myself: maybe you should stop buying these. You have every album like... 4 times? As multiple vinyl records and casette tapes. But then there is a new colour vinyl and the money just flies out of my wallet what can I do
  7. The Runner (Original Soundtrack)
    by Boy Harsher
  8. Assorted Orchids
    by Assorted Orchids
    Uninspired Uninspired
    This is both outstanding and humble. A voice that feels like coming back from a walk in the woods on a bright winter morning to a warm home and being joyfully greeted by the family dogs. Every song an instant classic. A secret. A gift. This is the kind of record music teachers play in class and that lets kids grasp for the first time ever what kind of miracle music really is. A record people will still talk about in twenty years. Like witnessing history. A stroke of genius. Or a happy accident.
    by Hante.
    Wild Animal Wild Animal
  10. FIERCE - Remixes & More
    by Hante.
    Run, Lie, Cry Run, Lie, Cry
  11. Her Fall And Rise
    by Hante.
    One More Dance One More Dance
    Hauntingly beautiful
  12. Morning Tsunami
    by Hante.
  13. This Fog That Never Ends
    by Hante.
    Dépendance Dépendance
  14. Between Hope & Danger
    by Hante.
    Nous ne Ferons qu'Un Nous ne Ferons qu'Un
  15. No Hard Feelings
    by Hante.
  16. Infrarouge
    by Minuit Machine
    Fear Of Missing Out Fear Of Missing Out
  17. Don't Run From The Fire
    by Minuit Machine
    Lovers of The Night Lovers of The Night
  18. Sainte Rave
    by Minuit Machine
  19. OH NO
    by Xiu Xiu
    A Bottle of Rum A Bottle of Rum
  20. Angel Guts: Red Classroom
    by Xiu Xiu
    Botanica de Los Angeles Botanica de Los Angeles