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  1. Oakland, California
  2. Pop
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  1. The Complete R.S.C. Recordings - Volume 2: May 1985
    by Reinheitsgebot
  2. The Complete R.S.C. Recordings - Volume 1: December 1984
    by Reinheitsgebot
  3. From a View
    by Floodlights
  4. Feral
    by RVG
    Christian Neurosurgeon Christian Neurosurgeon
  5. The Bell Streets: Monument
    by Popboomerang
    Crying Inside Crying Inside
  6. Here'sThe Mick Trouble LP
  7. Horn If You're Honky
    by Girlatones
    One Chord Too Many One Chord Too Many
  8. Hotrod Hotel
    by East Village
    Strawberry Window Strawberry Window
  9. Debuts
    by Pop Crimes
    Goes Goes
  10. I Took A Walk
    by The Telephone Numbers
    You're Running Out of Time You're Running Out of Time
  11. Perfect Game
    by Nah...
  12. space pilot 4 track e.p.
    by the memory fades
    listening to the marychain listening to the marychain
  13. Atlantic
    by They Go Boom!!
    Tumbledown Weekend Tumbledown Weekend
  14. Dial H for Hannah Barberas
    by The Hannah Barberas
  15. Sometimes When
    by The Golden Rail
    Don't let go of the light Don't let go of the light
  16. Anxiety art
    by The reds, pinks and purples
  18. Alpine Subs
    by Alpine Subs
    Menomonee Menomonee
  19. eGGs
    by eGGs
  20. That's Where Caroline Lives
    by The Candy Darlings
    That's Where Caroline Lives That's Where Caroline Lives