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  1. Miserable
    by Bongripper
    Into Ruin Into Ruin
    This album is just so massive. It's not the step down from Satan Worshipping Doom that people say it is.
  2. Terminal
    by Bongripper
  3. Satan Worshipping Doom (2020 Remaster)
    by Bongripper
  4. Hippie Killer
    by Bongripper
  5. Bongripper / Conan Split
    by Bongripper
  6. Bongripper // Hate Split
    by Bongripper / Hate
  7. Sex Tape/ Snuff Film 7 inch
    by Bongripper
  8. Self titled
  9. Ensemble Under The Dark Sun
  10. J.R. Preston | Preston's Fantasia
    by Illinoisan Thunder
    In Love With Satan In Love With Satan
  11. Dream Dragon
    by Ice Dragon
    For Once in My Life For Once in My Life
    This is the pinnacle of Ice Dragon's discography for me. A very natural progression from the previous albums, it's downright dreamlike. I've never heard a doom rock record quite as surreal as this one. Highly recommended.
  12. The Burl, The Earth, The Aether
    by Ice Dragon
    The Watcher The Watcher
    One of Ice Dragon's best. This album is trippy and downright creepy, making me feel pretty damn uneasy throughout. One of their most doom metal oriented releases and I love it for that. Doom patrol, ride out!
  13. Born a Heavy Morning
    by Ice Dragon
    The Past Plus the Future is Present The Past Plus the Future is Present
    The doom metal is gone, but the original spirit of Ice Dragon is very much present! Anyone who thought Ice Dragon ended with Dream Dragon can DREAM ON! Metal or not, this record is heavy as the morning it was born on.
  14. A Beacon on the Barrow
    by Ice Dragon
    The Arrival The Arrival
    This was Ice Dragon's big return to the doom metal style and HOLY SHIT is it fucking heavy. There's only one catch, and Ice Dragon fans will have already guessed it: it sounds nothing like their old stuff. Guess what? It doesn't matter. They've not only made a record that will please their old fans, but a record that will please fans of more traditional doom metal as well.
  15. Tome of the Future Ancients
    by Ice Dragon
    Steal Away From Hell Steal Away From Hell
    Droning, hazy, otherworldly sounds echo out from the tome. Will you open it or leave it on the shelf for someone else to find?
  16. The Sorrowful Sun
    by Ice Dragon
    Flowers Flowers
    A very similar record when compared to "The Burl". That being said, the surreal aspects on this record are amplified. Another great psychedelic doom experience that will leave you feeling uneasy!
  17. Seeds From a Dying Garden
    by Ice Dragon
    The Great Blue Heron The Great Blue Heron
    Probably their lightest album. For the average metal or heavy rock band, that might be a problem, but not for Ice Dragon. These guys could probably record themselves taking a shit and it would sound good. Another awesome record.
  18. greyblackfalconhawk
    by Ice Dragon
    takeitallaway takeitallaway
    Seething, brooding...
  19. Dead Friends and Angry Lovers
    by Ice Dragon
    Never Trust a Woman (Dressed in Black) Never Trust a Woman (Dressed in Black)
    I've heard a lot of things described as haunting, but you'd swear this album was recorded by ghosts.
  20. Loaf of Head
    by Ice Dragon
    Yes I Am Yes I Am
    The dirtiest, hard rockin'-est thing they've ever done. With Ice Dragon, that's really saying something!