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  1. On the Northline
    by Frontier Ruckus
  2. The Cherry Trees Are Still In Blossom
    by Jens Lekman
  3. Grow / Decompose
    by Young Jesus
  4. Blackberry Rose
    by Lavender Country
  5. SHE
    by ERA
  6. Lisa (Remember Her Name)
    by Bobby Stevens
  7. Little Dominiques Nosebleed
    by The Koreatown Oddity
    by Vincent Scandal
  9. Anime, Trauma and Divorce
    by Open Mike Eagle
  10. good music to feel bad to
    by CaveofswordS
  11. "Ruth"
    by Nana Grizol
  12. budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies
    by milo
  13. Forbidden Fruit
    by The Leonas
  14. The Orion Songbook
    by Frontier Ruckus
  15. No Burden
    by Lucy Dacus
  16. Two Mountains
    by Gabby's World
    Hills Hills
    Sad, hauntingly beautiful, and joyously original. A musing on relationships, with an honest and heartfelt (and at times hurting) narrative. If you listen closely, this album will take you on an emotional odyssey. (A very heavy one, at points: the finale track is a musical punch in the gut.)
  17. tbh idk
    by Shady Bug
    Walk Me Home Walk Me Home
    tbh idk beautifully mixes the duality of youthful emotion: soft & sweet sentimentality with hard and heart-fulled guitar riffs This album sounds the way it feels to be sitting on a roof with your crush on a perfect mid-Spring St. Louis night. You want to hold them and whisper in their ear while at the same time you're bursting to shout your love into the city's slightly-humid night air.
  18. Up Here For Dancing
    by Tono and the Finance Company
    Timing Timing
    If there were a movie about the 2000s, this would be the soundtrack. Tonnon excels at storytelling and setting a musical background (a very danceable one, too!) about the oddities and eccentricities of millenial life in these modern times.
  19. divorce lawyers i shaved my head
    by jordaan mason and the horse museum
    o jarhead! o wife! o jarhead! o wife!
    An album I return to over and over, and one certainly central to my understanding of queerness. Fearless and unabashedly (while also somehow ambiguously) sexual, the lyrics feel simultaneously meaningless and like an extremely personal epic, and jordaan mason's voice carries them powerfully: I get lost in their voice and deeply emotional instrumentation. Listen to this album! And then listen again!
  20. Brick Body Kids Still Daydream
    by Open Mike Eagle
    Happy Wasteland Day Happy Wasteland Day
    Powerful social commentary, from displacement to toxic masculinity. A sidestep from Open Mike Eagle's usual method of goody absurdist wisecracking, he builds worlds so dark and ridiculous and normalized, that we can't help but laugh at them (if just to keep from crying, because they're the same nightmare universe we're living in).