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Kate Turgoose

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  2. Electronic
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    by META MEAT
    backstitch backstitch
  2. Angels Dreams Inches
    by Nick Sutton, Emika, Gazelle Twin
    Dreamt In Flesh (Gazelle Twin Remix) Dreamt In Flesh (Gazelle Twin Remix)
    by 3TEETH
  4. #FreeKesha
    by Ad·ver·sary
    Kesha - Die Young (Drag Disco Mix by Ad·ver·sary) Kesha - Die Young (Drag Disco Mix by Ad·ver·sary)
  5. Industrial Music
    by Caustic
    Fuck in a Suit Fuck in a Suit
  6. Glasseater (single)
    by utopia:banished
    Glasseater Glasseater
  7. Hatching
    by Sleep Clinic
  8. Dead Cities
    by Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand
    Aftermath Aftermath
  9. Boomslang - Vinyl
    by Marching Dynamics
    Bloodcell Bloodcell
  10. Little Red Lung
    by Little Red Lung
    50 Fingers 50 Fingers
  11. Vermilionaire
    by Lost Bayou Ramblers
    Côte Gelée Two Step Côte Gelée Two Step
    This CD just reminds me of New Orleans and how much I want to be back there! I got to see them supporting Dax Riggs and it was just awesome....and then the night went very blurry thanks to some people from Alabama and some VERY strong cocktails!!
  12. mine
    by architect
    altitude altitude
  13. Interpretations
    by Perc & Einstürzende Neubauten
    Sado Masodub Sado Masodub
  14. svovel | salt | kvikksølv
    by SØLVE
    svovel svovel
  15. Sequence of Steps
    by Tokyo Morose
    Rome Rome
  16. Rainmaker
    by Thriftworks
    In Tongue In Tongue
  17. Lemniscate: Uncovered Volume 2
    by Unwoman
    This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
    This release made me love 'This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)' which I never really cared for before. Also The White Stripes cover just simply rocks. One of m top ten albums of 2013!
  18. Kontravoid (Deluxe Edition)
    by Kontravoid
    Silent Visions Silent Visions
  19. Gotta Good Man e.p.
    by The Murder Barn
    Gotta Good Man Gotta Good Man
  20. 'Til The Death Of Rock & Roll - album download
    by The Loyalties
    'Til The Death Of Rock & Roll 'Til The Death Of Rock & Roll
  21. So Much For Soho
    by The Loyalties
    Jimmy Does Jimmy Does
  22. SONIC AREA rarities (2003-2012)
    by Sonic Area
    01-SONIC AREA the portrait room 01-SONIC AREA the portrait room
  23. Full of Fire
    by Jess Chambers
    This track features in Almighty Johnsons Season 2 and I was thrilled to find it on Bandcamp. Utterly gorgeous!
  24. Contraption Vol. II
    by beats antique
    The Allure The Allure
    Totally new discovery thanks to Bandcamp :) Love their mashup of AC/DC so this will be my soundtrack to wandering around London today :)
  25. Soon, Much Of This Will Have Been Destroyed
    by This Is Radio Silence
    La Muerte De Una Estrella Es Un Ojo La Muerte De Una Estrella Es Un Ojo
    One of my favourite rock bands on the planet right now - that's why they're in my collection :) That and Ben and Geoff are awesome peoples :)
  26. field of view
    by the [law-rah] collective
    power power
    the [law-rah] collective are odd, inspired, beautiful but the gorgeous lyrics and additions from other members takes it above most of their releases so far. Dark Ambient with an odd light is the best way to describe 'Field of View'
  27. Our Saving Grace
    by This Is Radio Silence
    Our Saving Grace Our Saving Grace
    There is so much to love about This Is Radio Silence that it is hard to pick them apart. There's heartbreaking lyrics, and huge guitars, and certain nods in the direction of their influences, but unlike anything else.
  28. SONIC AREA oldies (1999-2003)
    by sonic area
    03-SONIC AREA elephant from the moon (1999) 03-SONIC AREA elephant from the moon (1999)
    This is a fantastic introduction to Sonic Area and is vastly different from track to track. I particularly like Elephant from the moon as for some reason I really like the mad change in tempo towards the end :)
  29. Escape Strategies
    by utopia:banished
    Knives (come back in fashion) Knives (come back in fashion)
    How are these guys not completely huge? If you like big, industrial tinged rock you should be listening to Utopia:Banished right now. Yes, there are points to NIN really quite obviously, but not the whiny stuff, the big wails of guitars and noises and the sounds that made you feel something. Germany needs to stop hiding these guys and give them a world stage to play on :)
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  30. White Holes Of Mole Hills
    by Ruth Theodore
    Eris Eris
    I saw Ruth Theodore support Ani DiFranco and I've not been won over by a support act so much in a long time. Also 'Eris' is a love song between two planets - how awesome is that? :)
  31. Chemical Burn EP
    by The Walton Hoax
    Chemical Burn Chemical Burn
    How could I not love this album? I mean a gorgeous amalgamation between fab dubstep producer Infrabuse, and one of my favourite vocalists EVER Peter Van Ewijk - of course I was going to like it! That and if I hadn't have introduced Jeroen to the x-box game 'Limbo', the video to 'Chemical Burn' may have been very different indeed!