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  1. Love Songs EP
    by The Gathering
    Eden Eden
    these cats are sick
    Eden is killer
    nice work here!
  2. Me And The Mountain
    by Leeroy Stagger
  3. Trunk Muzik 3 [Explicit]
    by Yelawolf
  4. Bloodroot
    by Bohannons
    Girl In Chicago Girl In Chicago
    I am not suprised at all by the depth of this album. "Girl In Chicago" is definitely one of my favorite song. Hell fuckin yeah to a band that's not afraid to say what needs to be said. Well done & congrats to the Bohannons & Cornelius Chapel Records on a great album. Robert Connely Farr
  5. Wasted Love Songs
    by Bob Sumner
  6. No Horses
    by No Horses
    Tombstone Eyes Tombstone Eyes
    this album is timeless
  7. Black Dust
    by Winstons
  8. Destroyer
    by Black Mountain
    this band never ceases to amaze me
  9. Hollow Chest
    by Some Dark Holler
  10. This Is American Music 2015 Sampler
    by This Is American Music
    by Bohannons
  12. Infinity Rope
    by Heavy Steps
  13. UTOPIA
  14. Numbers and Snakes
    by Flophouse jr
    Sing About It Sing About It
    one of Vancouver's most prolific creators - a not so hidden gem of a musician / producer / songsmith
    by Bohannons
  16. Luminary Angels
    by Bohannons
    Smoke and Ashes Smoke and Ashes
    love this album - so many great tracks!!!
  17. Hurricane
    by Dennis Bouwman
  18. Hardwire Healing
    Fyffe Fyffe
    i love this album because it's fucking amazing. so many great songs...
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Alabama Calling
  20. Don't Go Baby It's Gonna Get Weird Without You
    by Porter & The Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes
    Shit Got Dark Shit Got Dark
    this album is hands down amazing. every song. damn good.
  21. Leon III
    by Leon III
    this album is seriously amazing. can't stop listening...
  22. Dirty South Blues
    by Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys
    Magnolia Magnolia
  23. Yes Ma'am
    by Robert Connely Farr
  24. Driving in the Dark
    by Mariel Buckley
  25. Feel Like Doin' Something Wrong
    by Cedell Davis
  26. Brighter Than Creation's Dark
    by Drive-By Truckers
  27. Love Versus
    by Leeroy Stagger
  28. Done Got Tired Of Tryin'
    by Jimmy "Duck" Holmes
  29. Killin' Uncle Buzzy
    by Travis Meadows
  30. Royal Blue
    by Lilly Hiatt
  31. Get Back
    by Pink Mountaintops
  32. Through All The Worry (acoustic demo)
    by Pink Mountaintops
  33. The Rock Band Called Time
    by The Rock Band Called Time
  34. Rock Steady, New Mexico
    by Dopey's Robe
  35. S/T
    by Dopey's Robe
  36. Drownin' On A Mountaintop
    by T. Hardy Morris
  37. Soirée
    by the Prettys
    Nothing's Wrong (with me) Nothing's Wrong (with me)
  38. Never Ready
    by James Green
  39. Western Violence & Brief Sensuality
    by Eric Campbell & The Dirt
    by Burmis Tree
  41. I Ain't Dyin'
    by Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty
  42. Mississippi Live
    by Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty
  43. Bottle Rockets and the Brooklyn Side
    by The Bottle Rockets
  44. Freewheelin'
    by La Chinga
  45. The All Night Bedroom Revival
    by Joey Kneiser