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    by Planet Booty
  2. YES
    by Planet Booty
    Scratch 'n Sniff Scratch 'n Sniff
  3. New & Improved
    by TWRP
    Digitally Yours Digitally Yours
  4. Cool Patrol
    by Ninja Sex Party
    Heart Boner (Part II of the Boner Trilogy) Heart Boner (Part II of the Boner Trilogy)
  5. The Prophecy
    by Ninja Sex Party
    Do Math With U Do Math With U
  6. Forever In Your Heart
    by Black Dresses
    Waiting42moro Waiting42moro
  7. CD
    by SCHMACK
    Eggwhite Eggwhite
  8. The Freeman Chronicles: Straight Outta Sector C
    by Vandoorea
    The Freeman Chronicles The Freeman Chronicles
    Extremely excellent remixes! I've always enjoyed this type of music, and this is probably the best example out there of the level of quality this style can have. I particularly like the switch to 3/4 time in the title track, and the little references the songs have to each other, and the instrumentals on each song are so well made, you can tell plenty of thought has gone into each! Good work!!!
  9. Together Through Time
    by TWRP
    Strike A Pose Strike A Pose
  10. Illusion
    by Discoholic
    Bloom (ft. Michael Littrell & Tati) Bloom (ft. Michael Littrell & Tati)
  11. HiLo
    by Jack Stauber
    John & Nancy John & Nancy
  12. Spirit Phone
    by Lemon Demon
    Sweet Bod Sweet Bod
  13. Liftoff (ft. Matthew Clanton)
    by Discoholic
  14. Mizugauekara
    by maiwai
  15. kotohokis
    by maiwai
    Minaminonami Minaminonami
  16. Dr. Neon and the After Hours Overnight Arcade
    by Fictional Girlfriend
    Dr. Neon's Lab Dr. Neon's Lab
  17. The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club
    by Gangpol & Mit
    The Softcore People Club The Softcore People Club
  18. Let's Make a Music, Vol. 2
    by Let's Make a Music
    Rainbow Trout Eggs Rainbow Trout Eggs
  19. Let's Make a Music, Vol. 3
    by Let's Make a Music
    Turn Around and Come Down Slowly Turn Around and Come Down Slowly
  20. Theirs Travel Began And Loaded The Dream
    by Digital Unicorn
    My Name Is Buddy My Name Is Buddy