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  1. Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them
    by Bruno Pernadas
  2. Reddishness
    by Girls Rituals
  3. solipsisters
    by katie dey
  4. flood network
    by katie dey
  5. Titanic Rising
    by Weyes Blood
  6. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
  7. A Panther to Ephraim
    by Dear Laika
  8. Persepolis
  9. Dewy Reds, Fatal Jaws
    by Dear Laika
  10. Spirit Phone
    by Lemon Demon
  11. Be the Cowboy
    by Mitski
  12. White Leopards
    by Dear Laika
  13. Rinzen
    by Dear Laika
  14. Vision of St. Cross
    by Dear Laika
  15. 1 Trait High
    by 1 Trait Danger
  16. Monomania
    by Car Seat Headrest
  17. Twin Mythemes
    by Dear Laika
    this is one of the best ambient projects i've heard in a long long time, it feels like im being transported to a place between reality and fiction while acidic mountains slowly tear away at my corporeal form. but, like, in a good way
  18. Now Only
    by Mount Eerie
  19. Ed Buys Houses
    by Sidney Gish
  20. No Dogs Allowed
    by Sidney Gish
  21. Senioritis
    by Arpeggi
  22. It's All True
    by Object Collection
  23. Prisons For Profit
    by Object Collection
  24. Welcome To Warp Zone! (4-Hour VGM Mix)
    by Nmesh
  25. Oj borom, borom
    by Maniucha & Ksawery
  26. Classics Of Music
    by Sympolite
  27. Brick Body Kids Still Daydream
    by Open Mike Eagle
  28. who told you to think??!!?!?!?!
    by milo
  29. Searching for Lost Love at Sea
    by Decibelle
  30. Tribute
    by Decibelle
  31. Beach (Dubstep Remixes)
    by thescientist & Ernula x Cuilan
  32. Zing
    by Decibelle
  33. A Single Sent From Another Universe
    by Decibelle
  34. Two
    by Decibelle
  35. Thank You
    by Demo Display
  36. Future Cults (Era 6)
    by researcher
    by Ola Onabule
  38. Your Last Home
    by Noll Griffin
  39. Senioritis
    by arpeggi
  40. Nailbiter
    by Looming
  41. Light Your Fires
    by Babyalligator
  42. Paradise Valley
    by Grouper
  43. Plays The Music of Twin Peaks
    by Xiu Xiu
    Blue Frank / Pink Room Blue Frank / Pink Room
  44. American Football
    by American Football
    Stay Home Stay Home
  45. Hella Personal Film Festival
    by Open Mike Eagle & Paul White