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  1. 20 Years Of Experimental Music
    by Formanex with AMM, Christian Wolff, Keith Rowe, Phill Niblock, Michael Pisaro and others
  2. Bodyscape
    by Luca Forcucci
  3. The Uncertain Path Towards Indifference
    by Pedro Chambel
  4. the thing itself and not the myth
    by Kate Carr
  5. Hex
    by Michael Duane Ferrell
  6. sunday the lion with 22 sunflowers and 1 blue sock paces around the perimeter of the hole while the dove moos and maria cries
    by /f
  7. Self Destruction
    by Retribution Body
    by Hardworking Families
  9. Run Amok
    by Tom White
  10. Repair Me Now
    by Colin Andrew Sheffield
  11. Cal y Canto
    by Simon Whetham
  12. Sottovuoto
    by Sottovuoto
  13. Cafard
    by RCF
    by Stephan Mathieu
  15. The Notional Terrain
    by Leo Okagawa
  16. Family Nails
    by Edward Sol
  17. Nature Mirror
    by Darren McClure
  18. Codex Amphibia (an interpretation of the explosive breeding phenomenon)
    by Thomas Tilly
  19. Oxidation States
    by Riccardo Dillon Wanke
  20. Silence is Being Substituted
    by Derek Rogers
  21. The Origin of Dreams
    by W. Zabarkas
  22. Vestibül
    by Ben Gwilliam
  23. Soundtracks for Takeshi Murata
    by Robert Beatty
  24. Combinations 2
    by Richard Francis
    by Jean-Louis Huhta
  26. All this trouble for nothing
    by Grisha Shakhnes
  27. Metallisilmä, Haaksirikko
    by Taneli Viljanen
  28. Radiance
    by Modelbau
  29. Another Blue Day
    by Celer
  30. Bidden
    by Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase
  31. Concrete Scores - Soundtracks for Makino Takashi
    by Rutger Zuydervelt
  32. Sneeuwstorm
    by Rutger Zuydervelt
  33. Live Your Best Factory Life
    by Caroline Park
  34. This Heap is Greater Light
    by Mathieu Ruhlmann + Chris Strickland
  35. A távlat, ha hátulról
    by Alvear Courtis Jones
  36. TIME + PLACE
    by Joda Clément
  37. Trying To Remember A House
    by Christian Mirande
  38. HG
    by Merkur
  39. 1611
    by RCF
  40. Dignità
    by Randfunk
  41. Dark Funn
    by Randfunk
  42. Servomuto
    by Servomuto
  43. Rounderfulness #2: Naturator
    by Randfunk
  44. Corpo Nero
    by Sottovuoto
  45. Geist
    by Merkur