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Mischa Lively

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  2. Electronic
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  1. Volatile Self-Regulating Mechanism
    by Richard Holhburn
  2. FWM 002
    by FWM
  3. Singular Values
    by Nikki Nair
  4. Deferment
    by Erika Gluck
  5. The Abolitionist
    by Savile
  6. DJ-Kicks: Laurel Halo
    by Laurel Halo
  7. Occidental / Grey People - Trespass / Cop Watch EP (DC-05)
    by Various Artists
  8. [TerraFirm 2] Flora FM - Mycelination
    by Flora FM
  9. [WI06] Phreax - Jitterballz EP
    by Phreax
  10. Tru / Opal / The Light Within You
    by Laurel Halo & Hodge
  11. Splint Mask EP
    by Future DZ
  12. FWM 001
    by Stefan Ringer
  13. Excerpt From An Open Letter To John Paul II
    by Laurel Halo
  14. Hurt Plaza
    by Pamela_ and her sons
  15. Precious Cargo
    by Divine Interface
  16. Memory
    by Golden Donna
    subscriber exclusive
  17. White Phosphorus
    by Jjakub
  18. 10 minutes in heaven
    by Grey People
  19. Voltage
    by Erika Glück
  20. Rembo
    by Karen Gwyer
  21. Emissions
    by Various Artists
  22. Articulations
    by Various Artists
  23. Dagger Complex EP
    by Jaundice
    appears in 1 other collection
  24. NRNGVA001 - Nerang Recordings - Various Artist
    by IOK, Dj Safeword, Grey People, Future Dz
  25. Entry Level
    by Jjakub
    U Burn Us U Burn Us
    Jjakub is the one to watch out for... err... the one to listen to. Rather than using traditional song arcs (that exist even in experimental music), Jjakub rides a liquid grid, pointing at all the great things most of us never notice along the journey. Genres are slowly scooped up, mixed into a bottle, shaken until fizzy, only to explode into a concise concoction that didn't exist prior. This is the best thing I have heard so far this year. Check him out live.
  26. I'm Dropping Out Of Life
    by Russell E.L. Butler
    Hat Hair Hat Hair
    Probably my favorite CGI 12 so far. Perfect balance of function and adventure. A wide range of emotions in this release are punctuated by the poetic insert included. Full engagement here!
  27. Going Further (BRAV 010)
    by Grey People
  28. Gone Away / In The Hills
    by Erika Gluck
  29. // NRNG041 Grey People - Never Been To Hell Before [EP] \\
    by Grey People
  30. Anorak EP
    by AAAA
    Alpha 480M Alpha 480M
    This will melt you. One of the most inventive acid releases I've heard in some time!
  31. Strahinja Arbutina
    by Strahinja Arbutina
  32. N/A
    by N/A
  33. Professor EP
    by M//R
    Professor Professor
    This is dark room music. This is foggy room music. This is too much in the best way. Also...digging the imagery on both of Jack Dept.'s new releases.
  34. Farewell To Arps EP
    by TX Connect
  35. WT 01 "MKB/Mean Old World"
    by $tinkworx/Kinoeye
  36. WT 21 Florian Kupfer
    by WT Records
  37. Fit Of Body
    by Fit Of Body
  38. Transmissions From Revarsavr
    by Lumisokea
  39. // NRNG036 SOTDM - Leaving Dulce [EP] \\
    by Grey People & Erika Gluck
  40. // NRNG035 Future Dz - Order Up [EP]
    by Future Daze
    Dry Rub Dry Rub
    USUALLY, I'm a sauce man. But in this case, I'm freaking OUT over the "Dry Rub". Lethal, delicious, acidic heat coming from these boys here. Can't stop jamming this one!
  41. Breadwoman & Other Tales
    by Anna Homler
  42. Opi Sands 1
    by Jaundice
    Hard Line Hard Line
    Ecstasy on the brink of doom. "In On It" deceptively leads a dub-techno motif into a slithery house celebration. The percussive grid on "Hard Line" topples, echoes and wraps around itself. This EP is a stomper and a clapper.
  43. // NRNG030 Erika Gluck - No Sidewalks [EP] \\
    by Erika Gluck
  44. Chaise
    by Λ°C / крови
    It's Never Over It's Never Over
    Λ°C (Lambda Celsius) and крови (Krovi) have both exceptionally captured a mood that simultaneously lifts and crushes. Two separate artists unified by their own strange language. Stunning.
  45. Pang
    by Blood Room
    Quinine Quinine
    Heavy without being heavy handed. Short bursts of soul on a dismal horizon. Groove your way to the graveyard. Impressive release.