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  1. I Can Tell You By My Scars That I Had No Alibi To Keep Lying Alone In The Darkness Yet Keep Calling It Home With A Melodramatic Tone Of Eternal Sensationalism
    by Wings Of An Angel
  2. Some Dormanting And Some Dominating Sceneries From Wings of an Angel's Constantly Evolving Book Of Dying
    by Wings Of An Angel
  3. Black Tree Utopia
    by Skunkworx
  4. If You Seek To Become A Holy Man, There's Only One Possibility And That Is To Lose Everything; Remember That Between A Prison Cell And A Hero There's A Master Who Teaches That All Brave Men Must Get Pregnant To Feel What It Means To Create A Life In Order To Avoid Taking Them
    by Wings Of An Angel
  5. A History of Mourning
    by Mortwight, Forgotten Ghost
  6. alone in the dark
    by GIADAR
  7. benificence
    by Melissa St. Pierre
  8. comp [reboot] live
    by Jorge Haro
  9. Burial Rituals of Ilé-Ifẹ̀
    by Mirt
  10. The Melancholy Of A Fallen Angel
    by Lacrimal
  11. Wych Elm
    by Wych Elm
  12. Kiss the Boogeyman: An Aural Atmospheres Halloween Compilation
    by Various Artists
  13. The Eclipse 2
    by Poetry of Thorns and I, Eternal
  14. Tears and Shadows
    by Poetry Of Thorns
  15. Secluded Darkness
    by Poetry of Thorns and Ninth Sign
  16. The Eclipse 1
    by Poetry of Thorns and I, Eternal
  17. Order
    by A View From Nihil
  18. Rabies Lyssa
    by Nagaarum
  19. Tale of the Foolish Dreamer
    by Ferrydor Archive
  20. A Lulling Fairy Tale To The Biblical Snake
    by Wings Of An Angel