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Mikhail Ipatov

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  2. Jazz
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  1. Scandal
    by Sound Prints
  2. Salute to the Sun
    by Matthew Halsall
    by Dave Douglas
  4. White Balance
    by Divertissement Chamber Orchestra, Ilya Ioff, Lidia Kovalenko
  5. Invisible Lands
    by Anton Batagov
  6. Yardbird Suite
    by Alexey Kruglov & Krugly Band
  7. A Change For The Dreamlike
    by Hermon Mehari
  8. Reflections Of The Eternal Line
    by Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby
    Amazing record: so interesting and deeply engaging... Very lyrical and at the same time dynamic and modern. Both instruments are so reach and complementing each other just perfectly! I enjoyed unusual and even mystic sounds in some tunes - it creates a very special atmosphere, tension and suspense. And I cannot imagine that this is just a duo! Orchestral duo indeed :)
  9. Totem feat. Ralph Alessi
    by Ferdinando Romano
  10. Awake / The Music of Don Cherry
    by Jamie Breiwick
  11. Sense and Sensitivity
    by Ivan Grebenschikov
  12. Convergence
    by Convergence
  13. Outsidethebox
    by Sasha Mashin
  14. The Doors Are Open
    by Azat Bayazitov
  15. Happy Synapse, Part 2
    by Sasha Mashin
  16. Happy Synapse, Part 1
    by Sasha Mashin
    Listening now to the Part 1. Great album. For me this is a great balance of intensity, drive, dynamics, harmony and freedom, traditional (in the best meaning) and also modern. Excellent recording!
  17. Disrespectful
    by JZ Replacement
  18. Zoo
    by Evgeny Sivtsov
  19. Jazz Animals
    by Makar Kashitsyn
  20. The Change
    by Zhenya Strigalev & Federico Dannemann