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  1. Penelope Three
    by Penelope Trappes
  2. Weaving a Basket
    by sea oleena
  3. Tape Loop Sample Pack One
    by Chris Petra
  4. Oran Mor 2020
    by The Twilight Sad
  5. Photograph EP
    by Keeley Forsyth
  6. hum
    by r beny
  7. Dyrholaey
    by Thomas Méreur
  8. Live in Durbē
    by Ian William Craig
    Wow. This is mesmerising and captivating and beautiful. I was lucky enough to play at this venue back in 2014 and it's a stunning little place. To have witnessed this performance would have been something truly special. The first track is hypnotic and to hear arrive, arrive be so rich and powerful is just wonderful. Brilliant.
  9. Debris
    by Keeley Forsyth
    This is simply stunning. Like Nick Cave at his rawest. Something special comes along now and again and this is definitely special
  10. Invisible City
    by Niksen
    Such a beautiful piece of modern composition. In a world where a lot of piano music sounds the same, Niksen have created something very much their own and it's a joy.
  11. 2018
    by Mogwai
  12. To S. / To R.
  13. Could Ya Do The Woo Woos?
    by Withered Hand
  14. Anthem +3
  15. Ten Short Songs for Modern Lovers
    by Aidan John Moffat
  16. Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation
    by Andrew Wasylyk
    Probably my favourite of the last 3 records and that's saying something. Was the perfect sound track to the September sunshine. A gorgeous, rich record. Highly recommended.
  17. My Cauliflower Ears
    by Microwolf
  18. 22.16.04
    by glacis
  19. Lost Again On Waking
    by Glacis
  20. music for the animation Tohu Va Vohu
    by glacis