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  1. Brooklyn, New York
  2. Reggae
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  1. Ariel's Altar/Carnelian and Serpentine
    by dev
  2. The Brink
    by Janel Leppin
  3. Signs (a question for sages everywhere)
    by Fay Victor
    This is a Tremendous track on Multiple levels from the first (very strong) full solo album by this long-time deeply gifted artist (as performer most certainly & as composer mos def as well) and needed to draw your attention to it!
  4. For Mahalia, With Love
    by James Brandon Lewis / Red Lily Quintet
  5. Echolocation
    by Mendoza Hoff Revels
    by Brandon Lopez
  7. fLuXkit Vancouver (i̶t̶s̶ suite but sacred)
    by Darius Jones
  8. Amaryllis
    by Mary Halvorson
  9. In The Pines
    by Adia Victoria
  10. Time~Lapse Nature
    by Diatom Deli
  11. Feelsounds
    by Diatom Deli
  12. TQM
    by Diatom Deli
  13. Baile As Baile
    by dev hoff
  14. Sigils
    by dev hoff
  15. Music for Bass Cats
    by dev hoff
  16. pmxper
    by pmxper
  17. BBC6 Block Party Mix
    by Prince Fatty
  18. Black Rabbit
    by Prince Fatty
  19. Birdboys
    by Penelope Houston
  20. died for your sins
    by The Avengers