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  1. San Leandro, California
  2. World
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    by Zyggurat
  2. Outside
    by Hamilton Yarns
  3. Délice Créole / Peach Purée
    by Elle Barbara's Black Space
  4. Alex Silva Mind Pattern Explorer LP
    by Slikback
  6. La Atómica
    by Pinc Louds
  7. This Never Happened
    by If / When
  8. The Day Computers Became Obsolete
    by The Organizing Committee
  9. Move Like So EP
    by Obeka
  10. Artificial Flowers Are For All Occasions
    by Main Dice
  11. Rosenzweig / Smilansky
    by Sababa 5
  12. Drums Circle
    by Tushen Raï
  13. I'm on My Journey Home: Sacred Harp Singing, 1928-1934
    by Various Artists
  14. If I Had a Pair of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Vol. I - III
    by Various Artists
  15. Wounds of Love: Khmer Oldies, Vol. 2
    by Various Artists
  16. The Sun is Setting on the World
    by Various Artists
  17. Is It Really Goodbye? More Ryūkōka Recordings, 1929-​1938
    by Various Artists
  18. The Storm of Life
    by Various Artists
  19. Bury Me in a Corner of the Yard
    by Various Artists
  20. Longing for the Shadow: Ryūkōka Recordings, 1921-1939
    by Various Artists