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Milo Bloom

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  5. The Caves
    by The Sevateem
  6. Air
    by Astronoid
  7. Garden of Shadows
    by Scum
  8. Astronoid
    by Astronoid
  9. Chain Cult Demo 2018
    by Chain Cult
  10. Isolated EP
    by Chain Cult
  11. Coriky
    by Coriky
  12. Pony
    by Orville Peck
    Nothing Fades Like the Light Nothing Fades Like the Light
    It’s as if Elvis were reincarnated and spent his formative years listening to nothing but Roy Orbison, Marty Robins, and My Bloody Valentine. It shouldn’t work yet absolutely does. Amazing songwriter and stunning voice.
  13. Blood Fire Doom Volume 1
    by Solstice
  14. Indestroy
    by Saw Throat
  15. White Thane
    by Solstice
  16. Halcyon
    by Solstice
  17. Mighty & Superior
    by Isen Torr
  18. Blood Fire Doom Volume 2
    by Solstice
  19. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
  20. New Dark Age
    by Solstice
  21. Death's Crown Is Victory
    by Solstice
  22. Lamentations
    by Solstice
  23. To Sol A Thane
    by Solstice
  24. The Way of the Voice
    by Ophidius
  25. S/T
    by the next hundred years
  26. Obese Momentum
    by the next hundred years
  27. Troppo
    by the next hundred years
  28. The Throat of the World
    by Ophidius
  29. nipiy
    by nêhiyawak
    copper copper
    Hypnotic and very hard to define. This is a stunning album that keeps revealing more each time I listen to it.
  30. Cat Scan - In Nature debut LP
    by Cat Scan
  31. Beijing Post-Rock
    by 1724 Records
  32. Shallow Grave
    by Chain Cult
  33. In the Light
    by Shana Falana
  34. summers
    by Akinyemi
  35. Red Album
    by Baroness
  36. Skyrim
    by Keith Deuser
  37. None Of This Is Real
    by Tanagra
    Tyranny of Time Tyranny of Time
    Brilliant metal with great vocals. Loud, fast, and fun, while at the same time melodic and emotional.
  38. Meridiem
    by Tanagra
    Meridiem Meridiem
    Won me over on a single listen. Great power metal. The vocals are among the best I’ve heard in this genre and the song structures are complex yet compelling. Fantastic album.
  39. Warrior Path
    by Warrior Path
    Riders Of The Dragons Riders Of The Dragons
    An album that starts off strong and never lets up. Every song is great, the vocals soar and the musicianship is fantastic. One of my all time favorite metal records.
  40. The Sword Woman
    by Smoulder
  41. The Collection (Free!)
    by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  42. Relapse Sampler 2015
    by Relapse Sampler
  43. In A Desperate Red
    by The Rats
  44. She Comes From The Wind 她从风中来
    by Dark Joy 黯悅團
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  45. 这个时代的爱 The Love of This Era
    by A公馆 Residence A