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  1. Hagioscope to the Heart
    by Paint Thinner
  2. Destroyer
    by Black Mountain
  3. Pagan Science
    by The Well
  4. Long Island
    by Endless Boogie
  5. ATW
    by All Them Witches
  6. Longing To Be The Mountain
    by King Buffalo
  7. Devouring Radiant Light
    by Skeletonwitch
  8. Songs of Praise
    by shame
  9. Pasar de las Luces
    by Mint Field
  10. Can't Wake Up
    by Shakey Graves
  11. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
  12. Hashteroid
    by Hashteroid
  13. Warped
    by Wendy Rae Fowler
  14. Black Times
    by Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
    This is totally PUNK ROCK!
  15. Another Day In Paradise (Reissue)
    by Strung Out
  16. Hunted
    by Khemmis
  17. Repeater
    by King Buffalo
  18. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
    Executioner's Tax Executioner's Tax
    Thank you for this. I've been doing a lot of computer work for the past few weeks, and having this pumped directly into my brain has allowed me to sit still and focus while simultaneously rocking out. People that walk by my cube probably think I'm nuts, but really I'm just on a Power Trip.
  19. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
    I Am The Hammer I Am The Hammer
    Sometimes just waking up and putting pants on can feel like an epic Hero's Journey. And for that journey I choose Armor of Ire as my soundtrack.
  20. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
  21. Dead Cross
    by Dead Cross
  22. Time Well
    by Cloakroom
  23. R.I.P. EP
    by Naked Giants
  24. AYFKM
    by Call Of The Void
  25. Science Fiction
    by Brand New
  26. Thoughts of Ionesco - Skar Cymbals
    by Corpse Flower Records
  27. Star Treatment
    by Wovenhand
  28. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
    by True Widow
  31. Relapse Sampler 2016
    by Relapse Sampler
  32. Guidance
    by Russian Circles
  33. The Beast of Left and Right
    by Lazer/Wulf
  34. Anxiety's Kiss
    by Coliseum
    Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh
    It's heavy and tough without being a brutal assault on your senses. These guys rock hard and steady the whole way through. I cannot stop listening. Discovered them just after they played in Green Bay. Coming back?
  35. (III)
    by Toundra
  36. Memorial
    by Russian Circles