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  1. Burning Carbon
    by Vector Assailant
  2. Tempus Fugit
    by Andy Fox
    Xylo Gate Xylo Gate
  3. Let's Get Electric - 1987
    by Cheap Talk
    Night Heat Night Heat
    What started as a simple one-shot album turned into a sensation when the hit track "Push Play" was featured in the amazing indie game Firewatch. Cheap Talk gives us the awesome sounds of the 80s and doesn't let you go without at least a foot tap or a head bob.
  4. Late Night Stereo
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    B04 Queen V B04 Queen V
  5. Dream Sequencer
    by Dimi Kaye
    No More Dreams No More Dreams
    Dimi is one of the newest and best talents in the synth wave industry, creating surreal synths soundscapes with beautifully mastered composition. I dream in sequence, Mr. Kaye.
  6. La Luna
    by Dimi Kaye
    Hard to Get Hard to Get
    Dimi Kaye has come back again to show us the tale of five friends, a bar, and years of their life they put into it. The true story inspires this album, "La Luna", and has it soaring to new heights, beyond the immense amazingness of Dream Sequencer. I'll take this one on the house.
  7. Escape Velocity
    by Dynatron
    Fireburner Fireburner
  8. 230. EUROPAWEITE AUSSICHTEN - Purgatory
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    Purgatory Theme Purgatory Theme
    Atmospheric, bone-chilling, spine-tingling, and blood-rushing.
    These are the words I have for the great Europaweite Aussichten. You've created one of my favorite albums/songs of 2015, and I'm gonna be proud to have this on two seperate cassettes. Thanks dude.
  9. 810
    by FIBRE
    Echoplex (w/ Tendencies) Echoplex (w/ Tendencies)
  10. In The Dark
    by Glass Apple Bonzai
    A Wicked Fire A Wicked Fire
  11. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
    Arise (feat. Kriistal Ann) Arise (feat. Kriistal Ann)
    An immensely dark and trance-like journey based on the poem epic of the same name, GosT delivers with his sophomore album. I can't wait to receive this on CD.
  12. Odyssey (Vinyl Edition)
    by HOME
    HOME's Odyssey album from 2014 is one of the most beautiful albums of that time. It continues to be one of the best-selling albums on many charts on BC, and I'm glad I'll own this beautiful record.
  13. HK
    by HKE
  14. Ecliptic Prophecy
    by Jon of the Shred
    The Dark Cabal The Dark Cabal
    Honestly one of the finest releases of 2016 from kickass guitarist Jon Reilly, legend has it the riffs and kicks can still be heard throughout the stars and universes to this day.
  15. Infinite Pleasures
    by KARATE KING 空手王
    Sensual Paradise Sensual Paradise
    It's honestly, without a doubt, the best vaporwave release of 2016. No joke, don't care about future releases (except maybe Blank Banshee 2). This album is full of feelings you wish you had experienced sooner.
  16. The Summoner - Original Soundtrack
    by Various Artists
    Landline Landline
    The Summoner is going to be one kickass movie, and this epic soundtrack proves it so true. It includes Waveshaper, d.notive, Hello Meteor, Absolute Valentine, Maxthor, and more, all here to protect you from the forces of evil.
  17. Electric Halloween '15
    by Midnite Maniacs
    Electric Fright Night Electric Fright Night
    This collaboration album between Renz Wilde and Stilz never ceases to fail me when I'm looking for some groovy early Halloween tunes. Getting talents like Eddie Spuhghetti and The Encounter for voice work makes me happy, and the duo creates vivid and creepy songs, as well as its atmospheric sounds.
  18. C:\>FIXMBR
    +1DEhex +1DEhex
  20. C:\>CHKDSK /F
  21. C:\>CHKDSK /F
  22. Eternal Summer
    by Oceanside85
  23. LATE NIGHT DELIGHT [Remastered]
    Luxury Elite: A mainstay in business-class vaporwave.
    Saint Pepsi: An innovator in pop-based samples and future funk.
    Combine these talents, give em five different cassette runs in different colors and looks, and an album inspired by late night delights ensues. Thanks to you two lovely artists for making my nights easier to sleep through.
  24. 275. SINE SILEX - Schachmatt
    by Werkstatt Recordings
  25. Prom King
    by Skylar Spence
    Prom King Prom King
  26. Judicator
    by Stilz
    Desire Desire
    This album is a masterpiece of cyberpunk synthwave, it's got the inspirations down from Ghost In The Shell to Equilibrium, and it's even got the artwork to go with it. Gonna be amazing when the cassette comes in.
  27. Evil Awaits
    by Stilz
    Class Dismembered Class Dismembered
    An epic and short Halloween EP by the one and only Stilz, this showcases some brand new tracks and his track "Class Dismembered" from Karate King Records' High School Holocaust Vol.1.
  28. Starcrash
    by Stilz
    Test Pilot (Feat. The Encounter) Test Pilot (Feat. The Encounter)
  29. Tears Disappeared In The Night
    by Tanimura Midnight
    Love Screens To Vapor Dreams (ミニテルは無効にします) Love Screens To Vapor Dreams (ミニテルは無効にします)
  30. REBORN
    by The TCR
    The Dreaded Sundown The Dreaded Sundown
    An amazing EP by The TCR, showcasing some soundcloud singles and brand new songs, it includes wonderful tunes like "Driver", "After Hours", and my favorite "The Dreaded Sundown".
  31. End Of World Rave
    by wosX
    Cigarette Break Cigarette Break