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  1. Love Is All We Have
    by Northern Nomads
    Love Is All We Have Love Is All We Have
    Northern Nomads first release is so breathtaking! This is so great! This EP will seduce your ear drums. They make top shelf synth-pop that reminds me so much of New Wave bands from the 1980's. I really feel sorry for anyone they doesn't get the chance to hear this EP or any of their future releases. Keep up the great work!
  2. Sunlover Records Compilation VOL. 3 - Italowave
    by Sunlover Records
    Days of Love Days of Love
    This is seriously the best compilation of the year. Period.
  3. Office Life EP
    by Michael Weber
    Office Life Office Life
  4. Go for Broke!
    by Bart Graft
    Young Urban Professional Young Urban Professional
    "Go For Broke!" is one of my favorite albums of all-time now. It so professional and perfect. It's really hard to explain into words how great this album is and i feel sorry for anyone who never gets the chance to listen to it in their lifetime. Bart Graft will be forever my biggest inspiration.
  5. Quartz Plaza
    by Jerry Galeries
    In For A Long Night In For A Long Night
    Jerry has straight killed it with Quartz Plaza! It a combo of that 1980's Japanese Pop with lots of modern pop touch to it! It's really great to see fresh new music like this with retro feels!
  6. Executive Suites
    by Michael Weber
    Executives Only Executives Only
  7. Palm Grease
    by SilverHawk
    Heartbeat Heartbeat
    Silverhawk with his debut album!
    Perfect timing before the Summer 2017 launches! This is loaded with tons of hits for the beach. Amazing Album! MUST HAVE FOR ANYONES COLLECTION!
  8. 富二代; Second Rich Generation Romance
    by Ben Businovski
    富二代; Second Rich Generation Romance 富二代; Second Rich Generation Romance
    Very lusty track to bang Korean prostitutes to!!!
  9. Space Scoundrel
    by Star Warrior
    Stolen Goods Stolen Goods
    Star Warrior hits with another brilliant album! Great production! Definitely retro as fuck and he knocked it out of the park with Space Scoundrel!
  10. Shutter Shades
    by Ethereal Delusions
    Tropical Nights Tropical Nights
    Ethereal Delusions hits with a great album! He has worked very hard and is very passionate for synthwave. You really did an amazing job dude!
    Everytime i listen to Tropical Nights, I think about the smell of my Versace cologne and sipping on martini's! hahaha!
  11. retrolectro
    by Mythical Vigilante
    In Too Deep (Cover Blown) In Too Deep (Cover Blown)
    Mythical Vigilante strikes again with retrolectro! This heavy hitter is a must have to anyone's collection. Be ready for the ride of your life! This album touches on many different areas of the Synthwave genre. Mythical Vigilante shows tons of emotions and heart in this release! Great job!
  12. Motel Rooms
    by Abobo
    It's a brutal homicide It's a brutal homicide
    Motel Rooms makes you feel like you're back in the 1980's for sure. Very italo driven. I love it! Abobo knocks it out of the park once again!
  13. Addictions
    by Abobo
    Wayfarer Wayfarer
    All i think about while listening to Wayfarer is sitting close the beach sipping on mai tai's and staring at some rockin' beach bodies. But then my mood changes to being in a retro nightclub having the girl of your dreams dancing with you once that sexy saxophone kicks in! Abobo is a great synthwave/italo producer. This EP is a must have! Keep it up! I mean it!
  14. Tempus Fugit
    by Andy Fox
    Running Woman Running Woman
    Extremely heavy italo. You just know so much heart was put into this album. Andy Fox is an amazing artist. You should be famous.
  15. After Hours
    by Ben Businovski
    Flicker Flicker
  16. Gotanda's Maserati
    by Ben Businovski
    Floating point Floating point