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  1. Shadow World
    by Lana Del Rabies
  2. Numbers
    by Exillon
  3. Internal Expulsion
    by Asymptote
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  4. Woodpaths
    by Jason Potratz
  5. James Fella - "Inactive Parts" LP (Weird Machine, 2017)
    by James Fella
  6. Parallel Persia [DIAG054]
    by Sote
  7. Equinox
    by MORHER
  8. Such Belongs The Kingdom
    by Lana Del Rabies
  9. With My Mind
    by Terminal 11
  10. Skirt Chasing Rake
    by Joe Lentini
  11. Corkage
    by Wedding
  12. Nice Arps
    by Ay Fast
  13. Snowdens
    by Cayos & Takeshi Muto
  14. Tehkla
    by Tehkla
  15. Panda
    by Hydroplane
  16. Mercury Retrograde Remixes Part One
    by Roel Funcken and Various Artists
  17. Expect More From A Past Life
    by Takeshi Muto
  18. Tone Capsule
    by Soul Oddity (Phoenecia)
  19. Buddy Mini
    by Tornado Horr
  20. Odd Jobs
    by Phoenecia & Various Artists
  21. Brownout
    by Phoenecia
  22. Cigarette Sharkskin
    by Joe Lentini
  23. Stranger Sympathy
    by Valance Drakes
  24. Ischemic Folks
    by Various Artists
  25. Tropigoth
    by Juan Telway
  26. Demissions
    by Phoenecia
  27. Status in the Ballroom
    by Joe Lentini
  28. House of Distraction
    by Various Artists
  29. Lourd Pesante
    by Jacque Polynice
  30. Fun Friends
    by Juan Telway
  31. StiLL iLL
    by Various Artists
  32. Echelon Mall
    by Phoenecia
  33. Fragments
    by Siimplex
  34. Crimson Knight
    by Ay Fast
  35. External Combustion
    by Glen Velez and Various Artists
  36. Hold Me
    by Juan Telway
  37. Souq
    by Cayos
  38. Act Like They Know
    by Ed Matus
  39. Yagé
    by Tehkla
  40. Symmetrics B
    by Urbindex
  41. Selkie
    by Baby Kruger
  42. Teen Vogue
    by Juan Telway
  43. Agony Part One
    by Delarosa & Asora
  44. General Clock Voice
    by Joe Lentini
  45. Cloud City
    by Friends With You (Phoenecia's Cloudseat Suite)