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  1. Do You
    by PONY
    Healthy Brain Healthy Brain
    Power pop in the vein of Juliana Hatfield and Velocity Girl and all similar. flower power pop is my genre name. Patent pending.
  2. TV Baby
    by PONY
    My Room My Room
    PONY's releases get better and better each time. This album is a fantastic power pop release. There are some heavy riffs reminiscent to harder Veruca Salt tracks. I am so happy about this album.
  3. NONA/Peeple Watchin' split 7"
    by Get Better Records
    Candy Bar Overlord Candy Bar Overlord
    Mimi Gallagher of NONA is one of my favorites. I hate comparing artists but I dont know how else to describe. Her bands are very much like Juliana Hatfield. The sweet child like voice contrasted by the raucous but catchy riffs.
  4. somebody kill me please
    by PONY
  5. Play It Again
    by Triples
    Making Space Making Space
    This EP is a bit raw which i LOVE.. almost like an 8 track or demo tape. think garage pop if Tegan and Sara fronted Superchunk. fantastic EP.
  6. LONG LIFE (liver version)
    by Triples
  7. Freaky If You Got This Far
    by Nona
    The World You Know The World You Know
    Mimi from Eight (deadbroke rec) and Year of Glad US. she makes the perfect blend of power pop and fuzz. her voice is iconic for this 90s type pop. I learned about this band by a fans bandcamp comments
  8. IRL (Live In London 2020)
    by Dream Wife
    Live Dream Wife is the best Dream Wife. this album has my faves from the new release and some faves from previous...and a B side? or new song?
  9. Hello? Yes this is Supermilk...
    by Supermilk
    Caudal Fin Caudal Fin
    Jake from DOE.
  10. Rare Delusions
    by Supermilk
    Teens Teens
    Jake from DOE. excellent throw back sounds.
    by Bully
    What I Wanted What I Wanted
    "feels like" was amazing.."losing" took a while to warm up on me but i realized how good it was.."sugaregg" was excellent from the start. alicia continues to impress. really inspiring artist.
  12. Hunger for a Way Out
    by Sweeping Promises
    Out Again Out Again
    Art is cyclical. You should of kept those bell-bottoms. You can hear their Boston might think The Cars or Til Tuesday...there is such a great new wave post punk sound here. I think bands with a throw back sound are needed especially during 20 f'n 20. Members of Mini Dresses.
  13. Knocking At The Door
    by Nectar
    Days Days
    the kind of power pop that instantly makes you smile and head bang at the same time. driving guitars reminiscent of magnapop and sweet contrasting vocals reminiscent of velocity girl.
  14. Somewhere
    by Gum Country
    Brain Song Brain Song
    "brain song" came up on a daily mix/spotify and it stayed on repeat. classic strum rock style in the like of Teenage Fanclub or the Blake Babies or Lemonheads. entire album is a gem. Courtney from the Courtneys btw.
  15. Tiny Hats
    by Girl Friday
    Rabbithole Rabbithole
    experimental music with catchy riffs and beautiful vocal harmonies. Girl Friday's songs seem like they are put together with madness and that's what makes them so intriguing. .
  16. Fashion Conman
    by Girl Friday
    Decoration/Currency Decoration/Currency
    really creative band. sophisticated pop music with unusual tempo changes or out of place riffs. this entire EP is excellent.
  17. Bait Is for Sissies
    by Kino Kimino
    Caste Out Caste Out
    i own the CD but decided to get the MP3 and support Kim Talon more. fans of experimental music with pop sensibility should enjoy. according to spotify, "caste out" was my song of the decade.
  18. Speeding Away to Someday
    by Fleeting Joys
    Evil Crop Evil Crop
    nu gaze with the classic sound. fans of MBV will enjoy.
  19. You Gotta Understand
    by Cosmic Kitten
    Fighter Fighter
    Hard to pick a fave song. I chose one of the new ones to me. I think "broken kneecaps" and "not a friend" are my faves. very eclectic album. i love that I hear black sabbath. in some tracks. it might be post grunge but it has the origins of the grunge movement.
  20. TERF Bangs
    by butch baby