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  2. 100 Up, vol 1 - Hugh Banton
    by Hugh Banton
    Chorale no 3 - César Frank Chorale no 3 - César Frank
    Another elegant and majestic performance of divine music by Hugh Banton performed on his HB3 digital organ system!
    (Im)patiently waiting for the next volume(s) in this series.
  3. S&M are The Blueberry Lollipop Jolly Association
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    All The World Is Made Of Glass All The World Is Made Of Glass
    Oh, this one was a real surprise to me. Released soon after the Galactic Escape, this EP is an act of full reset. It's like you are watching someone's dream. The first time I listened to it was today during preparation of my breakfast. Gosh! That was a psychedelic breakfast!
  4. Galactic Escape (Soundtrack from a non-existent sci-fi movie)
    by Simone Ercole
    Back Home Back Home
    A nice attempt at adding an album of music created solely with synthesizers. Not a music for all-moods or for every day listening... Yes, rather a soundtrack for some special activity. What kind of activity? You decide it for yourself ;-)
  5. The Beguiling Story Of A Little Flower
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    Doctor Mushroom's Last Words Doctor Mushroom's Last Words
    Now, this one is indeed a challenging milestone for S&M, and for the listeners. This new format has operatic direction, even though the parts of different characters are sang solely by Martina, and the enhanced and expanded instrumentation is skillfully presented, as always. Bravi!
    I would strongly to recommend to get the beautiful booklet for the first few hearings. The story becomes easily acceptable, the characters - well distinguished. And the booklet is a standalone peace of modern art.
  6. Springtime Inside
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    Even though I type this short review months after its release, I bought this single immediately after release. Looking back, I can say it was a token of hope, at least it was for me.
    The springtime inside will that does not allow us to get ultimately cold and fall down on the ground, the dawn of a bigger Spring... These are those important things that we need not only in this troubled year when this single was released.
  7. Fate Outsmarts Desire
    by Kaprekar's Constant
  8. Elementary School Of Life
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    The Moon Is Singing The Night Away The Moon Is Singing The Night Away
    I have been trying for one (!) month to post this short review and select my "favourite track"! The album cover fully correlates with the beautiful sonic mosaic. The songs hardly can be separated from each other, and those instrumentals are that Magic Glue that presents the album as a whole. The "best" track that I have selected not only concludes the album, but the past history of S&M. They have graduated the Elementary School and are to open a new page in their Book.
  9. Louder Than Words
    by Fearful Symmetry
    Innocence Innocence
    Brilliantly and skillfully played, mixed and mastered, with mature lyrics and beautiful music, lightweight and jolly mood - what else should I add to gain your interest in this work. It once again proves that it is really not important to have a mainstream name easily found at the top of Billboard to produce beautiful music - Love and Passion it is what really important! Best of luck!
  10. Back And 4th
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    And Then I Spoke And Then I Spoke
    This new album proves Simone has grown into a skillful guitarist who feels exactly what a song needs and skillfully and beautifully delivers that. The arrangement has also developed. It couldn't be otherwise, I strongly believe - just look how many new sounds have been added to the sonic palette! Martina's vocals have been applied very successfully to the brilliantly played tracks, which eventually created a trade-mark S&M material.
  11. HB plays JSB on HB3
    by Hugh Banton
    My friend and Soundman's jaws dropped when he listened to some of these tracks, and his eyes opened wide when I told him that SW organ synthesiser does not use any sampling techniques or recordings of actual pipes.
    "What a reverb! What a purity! Oh, and those low-ends! Now, THIS is a work of utmost professionalism. Amazing!"
  12. Gone
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    What a contrast with the earlier released first single "I'd Like Some Fries"! At this moment I am even more excited in anticipation of the new album.
  13. Savages II
    by Lene Lovich Band
  14. Boerderij - Official Bootleg
    by Kaprekar's Constant
  15. I'd Like Some Fries (Single Version)
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    This note is written on January 11, 2019 - right after S&M's next single "Gone" had been released. I hope the note I left there works perfectly for this earlier release as well.
    The new album will be a huge surprise, I tend to believe. Good luck!
  16. The Drop
    by Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta (S&M)
    Music That Doesn't Exist Music That Doesn't Exist
    Very soon I will loose count of how many times the album has been played from A to Z in my player, but I am on my 7th play now, and it is still growing on me. I realized how mature they have become, how deeply they think out the details in both lyrics and instrumentation, how passionate they do what they love. And they still have area to improve. I strongly believe that Martina's vocal potential has not yet fully revealed and the vocal palette has many unused colours and semi-tones.
  17. Celebrate - Remix Contest
    by NOTOPIA
    subscriber exclusive
  18. Live At Home Studio Vol. II
    by Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta (S&M)
    I can't help it - I want to see S&M playing live with a band. I believe there will be a few mature musicians in the blessed Italy who could form a band to play this beautiful and intelligent music.
  19. Expectations \ Curtains Down, No Encores (Live at Home Studio, vol. I)
    by S&M - Simone Ercole & Martina Vesta
    Expectations (live) Expectations (live)
    My first blind purchase on Bandcamp. No preview is required for me when it is about S&M works. It is interesting to observe how the "Live at Home Studio" series will be progressing, what will be the course and the destination point. Good luck!
  20. Sim-One
    by Simone Ercole
    Ace Of Cups Ace Of Cups
    Something tells me people will be discussing this album many years later. I strongly believe the S&M catalogue will grow and reach a wider audience - something they really deserve! At some point people will be interested in the roots of that beautiful music. The hints and answers can be found in this album by Simone Ercole.