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  1. The Uncanny Valley
    The Cult Of 2112 The Cult Of 2112
    Perturbator's albums are among the finest examples of the synthwave culture. This one is the most refined, deep, well balanced and violent album of his own. For fans of this music, this album is an absolute must-have. Some tracks really sound unique in the whole synthwave panorama, such as "Femme Fatale" with his jazzy atmosphere, or Disco Inferno, with its funky guitar perfectly merged with the sick beat. "The Uncanny Valley" highered the quality bar for the entire genre.
    by Carpenter Brut
    Hang'Em All Hang'Em All
    Carpenter Brut probably has by far the best live act in the entire synthwave scene, because it relays on live sampling instead of simple playback. Some of Carpenter Brut's songs are among the hymns of the entire genre (one among all: Turbo Killer) and it's great to have an album that sheds light on the live-concert identity of this band. All the tracks are wonderfully recorded, and the cheers of the crowd are just the perfect surrounding for the entire execution.