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Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman

  1. Sacramento, California
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Once Upon a Rhyme (Mix-EP)
    by Abstract Kingdom
  2. Roses In The Raw
    by Niacin Library
  3. Young Smo EPisodes
    by J.Smo, Young Harm
    by Lord Sonny the Unifier
    Right In Your I Right In Your I
    I have been thoroughly enjoying this sonic roller coaster ride (on repeat) for the past two, maybe three days. It has not grown old yet. In fact, each time I re-listen I keep trying to turn the monitors louder and louder. Why? It just RAWKS that much! Even when the distorted guitars disappear, the tempos slow down, and the energy mellows out, the songs still jam on in true rock and roll glory.
  5. It Will Come Out Of Nowhere
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    Chosen Sons Chosen Sons
    Post Death Soundtrack create more than just music. They create fully immersive experiences that stimulate your entire sensory system. I imagine mad scientists in their sonic laboratory pouring every ounce of their energy into creating something epic, distinct and masterful. Bottom line, Post Death Soundtrack NEVER disappoint!
  6. Royalty Check EP (Produced by DJ Sean P)
    by Royal Ruckus, DJ Sean P
    U Know Who I Am U Know Who I Am
    Love your Hip Hop raw, fun and injected with a heavy dose of Boom Bap and some West Coast attitude?! Microphone Veterans Royal Ruckus join forces with DJ Sean P for a no-holds-barred collection of tracks that are guaranteed to break necks, pump fists and excite Hip Hop Heads with an unapologetic approach to kicking funky rhymes over banging beats. If you are new to the Royal Ruckus experience, download Royalty Check and then dive deep into this power teams discography!!! Hip Hop, it don't stop!
  7. Spark
    by Todd Warner Moore
    Spark Spark
    Spark is packed with track after track of deeply emotive, highly passionate, acoustic-driven, pristinely produced, lush folk-pop soundscapes which thoroughly stimulate the senses and will you engaged for the entirety of the album. Spark delivers a cohesive wall of sound that hits with an emotional force so strong you have no choice but to stop and absorb the frequencies as they grab you. It’s safe to say Todd knows how to deliver sonic goods that please audiences all over the world.
  8. Island
    by Pete Berwick
    Pete Berwick is one of the best things to happen to punk-infused, alt-country leaning, folk music since Johnny Cash made his impact on this planet. There is no other entertainer in the business that works as hard or harder than Pete Berwick, hands down! Island is the next step in the evolution of a master craftsman who refuses to slow down, become complacent or allow the status quo to interfere with his art.
  9. Gates Wide Open
    by Adam Rose
    Tedendah! Tedendah!
    Not a stranger to Adam's music, this project delivers more rock and roll goodness from the creative mind of a master craftsman. Like a wizard in his lair, Adam concocts sonic potions that excite, enthrall and enthuse listeners. Blending a wide array of influences into a cohesive progressive rock sound, Adam continues carving a lane all his own. Gates Wide Open is another great product under the Adam Rose musical brand!!
  10. Levitate the Base
    by Adam Rose
    Platinum Grime Platinum Grime
    From the second I clicked play I knew I was going to be in for a worthwhile instrumental guitar experience. Adam does not disappoint with this collection of compositions which put his eclectic tastes and array influences on full display. I can't choose a favorite jam. From start to finish, this album is everything I love about rock music without having pay attention to vocals, which can be overrated (in my humble opinion). Adam has delivered an excellent tapestry of music!
  11. Colors of Noise
    by max lee
    For those that enjoy their rock a little unorthodox, a little experimental and not afraid to push boundaries, Colors of Noise is an excellent addition to your collection. max lee‘s willingness to explore, experiment and not follow any standards set by pop culture or the industry status quo guarantees music that is fresh and unlike most everything else you’ve been listening to.
  12. I Need You
    by The Stone MG's
    The Stone MG’s create rock and roll that is raw, organic and just polished enough to appeal to a wide array of listeners while maintaining a garage rock aesthetic that brings more intimacy and pureness to their sound. When the saxophone kicks in just before the 3-minute mark, our senses are immediately elevated to the next level of aural and soul-stirring stimulation. This solo is the icing on this rock n roll sonic layer cake!
  13. Late to Work
    by Katy & the Null Sets
  14. No Bad Horizon
    by Bittersweet Machines
    Me and My Monsters Me and My Monsters
    Melodically rich, texturally nuanced, fantastically composed and pristinely produced, No Bad Horizon takes us on a sonic voyage through vibrant soundscapes that resonate deeply in our emotional core. No matter which song you are listening to, your ears will be treated to enthralling, passion-filled musical arrangements guaranteed to keep you listening from the moment you click play until the final track fades into silence.
  15. All the Water
    by Deb Montgomery
    All the Water All the Water
    Deb Montgomery is the epitome of the strong, independent, female using her artistry to not only make a few statements but to also inspire the next generations of females to own their womanhood. Deb's proficient songwriting and masterful musicianship combine in authentic ways to deliver music that is pure, honest and organic. It does not get much better than this!
  16. Rap Dad, Real Dad
    by The Library Steps
    Home Team Home Team
    Salute to the Rap Dads!
  17. Swayed - Single
    by Elza
    Swayed gradually builds from a minimalist electro-infused melody into an intensifying, emotion evoking wall of sound while Elza’s passionate performance and powerful voice digs deep into your senses. Prepare to feel.
  18. Sweet Dreams
    by ivoryHAUS
    ivoryHAUS' ability to mold, shape and form melodies, rhythms and noises into emotion-packed soundscapes is as abstract and metaphysical as it is structured and concrete. This music will give you chills. It will make you feel. ivoryHAUS is the real deal!
  19. We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out
    by dep
    We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out is a sonic voyage through cinematic, ambient, emotive soundscapes that I can personally guarantee will push, pull, bend, fold, mold and tug on every single emotional string possible. This music will stir your soul, give you goosebumps, make your hair stand up on end and cause rushes of metaphysical energy to course through your aura. It’s powerful!
  20. One Woman Man
    by Ben DeLaurentis
    Ben’s ability to captivate listeners with simple yet nuanced and soothing soundscapes is undeniable. His raw, organic storytelling approach to lyricism guarantees that each song will engage the listener much like a good book on a relaxing evening. As far as choosing a favorite? Good luck… each of these 10 songs is a labor of love and a display of the dedication Ben pours into every element of every song.