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  1. Uncrowned King
    by Acherozu
    Barren Swamp Barren Swamp
  2. The Dreaming I
    by Akhlys
    Consummation Consummation
    AKHLYS offers a combination of BM's most beautiful aspects across the board of its variations.

    Expect to be greeted with swift aggression, bleak atmospherics and the most heart wrenching depressive moments. All of this (and more than I could possibly do justice describing) in a showcase of excellence spanning 45 minutes.
  3. Anxiety Demo
    by Anxiety
    II II
  4. The Woodcut Demonstration
    by Art of the Black Blood
    Dry Blood Dry Blood
  5. Black Flame Gnosis
    The Isolate The Isolate
  6. Four Phantoms
    Suffocation, A Drowning: II - Somniloquy (The Distance Of Forever) Suffocation, A Drowning: II - Somniloquy (The Distance Of Forever)
  7. Birnam Wood
    by Birnam Wood
    Queen of Barley Queen of Barley
  8. Taste the Pudding
    by Blackwitch Pudding
    Swamp Gas of the Nevermizer Swamp Gas of the Nevermizer
  9. Demo 2015
    by Blood Knight
    Wasteland Wizard Wasteland Wizard
  10. Dissociated Human Junction (Bloodoline tracks)
    by Bloodoline
    Voyage till Death Voyage till Death
  11. Storm & Brilliance
    by Bloodoline
    What Never Was Dead What Never Was Dead
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  12. Acid Cattle EP
    by BongCauldron
    Acid Cattle Acid Cattle
  13. BongCauldron EP (2012 mix)
    by BongCauldron
    Vehemence Vehemence
  14. Hate Ashbury
    by Bongripper
    Part II Part II
  15. Satan Worshipping Doom
    by Bongripper
    Worship Worship
  16. Sex Tape/ Snuff Film 7 inch
    by Bongripper
    Snuff Film Snuff Film
  17. Meat Ditch
    by Bongripper / Winters in Osaka
  18. Fògradh
    by Bròn
  19. Colosseum
    by Buried Sleeper
    Colosseum Colosseum
  20. Heartwork (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Carcass
    Heartwork Heartwork