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  1. Always a Pleasure
    by Klezmer Rebs
  2. Just Add Shmaltz
    by Klezmer Rebs
  3. Live at the Wellington Folk Festival
    by Klezmer Rebs
  4. Anarchia Total
    by Klezmer Rebs
  5. Ikh bin busy! (I'm busy!)
    by Jane Peppler
  6. Road Into The Unknown
    by Mariusz Goli
  7. Shvitzin'
    by The Vulgar Bulgars
  8. The Lost Songs Of World War II
    by Yiddish Glory
  9. Lemonade
    by Saskia
  10. Into the Light
    by Marisa Anderson
  11. Into Forever
    by Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
  12. Live in Bratislava
    by Fabrizio Paterlini
  13. Gentle Heart
    by Saskia
  14. Strange Rivers
    by Saskia
  15. Night and Day
    by Saskia
  16. Red Bouquet Fair
    by The Junipers
  17. The Soul of the Jewish Violin
    by Boris Savchuk
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. The Soul Of The Jewish Violin, Vol. 4 - Melancholic Melodies
    by Pavel Levin
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. The Soul Of Jewish Violin, Vol. 3
    by Boris Shavchuk
  20. Forgotten Ellis Island
    by Gil Talmi
  21. Pastir (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    by Tim Zibrat - Music'Sound
  22. Rockin! with R.J. & The Del Guapos
    by R.J. & The Del Guapos
    by Brian Frank
  24. Der East Side fun a mol
    by Jane Peppler and friends
  25. Yiddish Art Trio
    by Yiddish Art Trio
  26. In Odess: Yiddish Songs from Warsaw Volume 1
    by Mappamundi
  27. Mrs. Maccabee's Kitchen: New Hanukah Songs
    by Mappamundi
  28. Nervez! Yiddish songs from Warsaw Volume 3
    by Jane Peppler, Randy Kloko, and friends
  29. Cabaret Warsaw: Yiddish & Polish Hits of the 1920s - 1930s
    by Mappamundi
  30. Lebedik Yankel: Yiddish Songs from Warsaw Vol. 2
    by Jane Peppler and friends
  31. Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs
    by Inna Barmash
  32. New Years
    by Saraband
  33. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
  34. Cody Sings Zevon
    by Phil Cody
  35. EP
    by Mama's Broke
  36. Good Company
    by The Dead South
  37. Onto The Fire / Rest Your Soul
  38. Last Supper
    by James Thomas
  39. A Memory Of Spring
    by Fromm
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. Under The Daylight Moon
    by Fromm
  41. You Forget
    by Heather Maloney + Darlingside
  42. Woodstock
    by Heather Maloney + Darlingside