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  1. Saint Petersburg, Russia
  2. Electronic
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  1. The Sketchbook
    by Shield
    Wonky Wonky
  2. Tenderness EP
    by Abstract Elements
    Tenderness Tenderness
  3. Puzzles EP
    by Various Artists
    Parallel Parallel
  4. Supermassive (Bop Remix)
    by Raumskaya
  5. META060 - Stakes EP
    by Phase
  6. METH087 - Road Rage / Ubik
    by Subwave
  7. Future Thinking Syndrome
    by Nami
  8. Emotive
    by Radicall
  9. Neon Circles
    by Dissident
  10. Dispersal
    by Kontext
    Kontext - Addicted To Disaster Kontext - Addicted To Disaster
  11. Take It Off
    by Bop x Subwave
  12. 7x7
    by Ulterior Motive
  13. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
    Песнь 2 Песнь 2
  14. Big Up The Ladies
    by Fracture
  15. Déjà vu
    by Overlook
  16. Cougar!
    by Koherent
  17. System Dub
    by Koherent
  18. Slavik
    by Shield
    from GRECHA with love :D
  19. Lost Dubs 2
    by Various Artists
    Waterfall Waterfall
  20. Blacklist (Bop Remix)
    by The Vanguard Project
  21. Brame (Piano Version)
    by Ruby My Dear
  22. Aeeeh
    by Subwave
  23. Dalek One - Gone Mad (ETHER Remix)
    by ETHER
  24. A Broken Heart
    by Dom & Roland
  25. Savage Sinusoid
    by Igorrr
    Problème d'émotion Problème d'émotion
  26. Rain LP
    by Quok
    Dreamin' Dreamin'
  27. Ритм Сердца /Bop remix /
    by Антоха МС
  28. Data Network vol.2 [DTN006]
    by VA
    Kontext feat. Cyberworm - X-Ray Rock-N-Roll Kontext feat. Cyberworm - X-Ray Rock-N-Roll
  29. NoRules & Torn - Metaline
    by Various Artists
    appears in 1 other collection
  30. Psychic Dirt
    by Sam KDC
    Templar Templar
  31. Pact Infernal - The Descent Chapter I [Lucy Remixes]
    by Pact Infernal
  32. Under Pressure / Dark Mental
    by Torn
    Under Pressure Under Pressure
  33. Rusty K - Where Is My Mind (Cover)
    by Rusty K
  34. Rusty K - Cake (Cover)
    by Rusty K
    very cool, powerful and energetic work! for me - Rusty K one of the best not only in Russia but also the world stage
  35. Templar
    by Sam KDC
  36. Massacre
    by No Rules & Torn
  37. Totem/Ghoul
    by Dailiv
  38. Catacomb
    by Dailiv
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. Convulser
    by Blanca & Torn
  40. N0_5c
    by Blanca
  41. Тени
    by A113
  42. CHAPTER 2
    by A113
    Демоны Демоны
  43. Воспоминания
    by A113
  44. Never Forget
    by A113
  45. The Honest, The Arrogant
    by A113