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  1. A Damnation's Stairway to the Altar of Failure
    by Extirpation
  2. Northeastern Deprivation
    by Vomit Forth
  3. 2021 PROMO
    by Vomit Forth
  4. Piles of Festering Decomposition
    by 200 STAB WOUNDS
  5. Altar of the Dying
    by Throne
  6. Sulfuric Disintegration
  7. Infected
    by Virulence of Misconduct
  8. Worldly Depraved
    by Kropos
  9. Planetary Annihilation
    by Neptunus
  10. Salvation Will Come
    by Human Vivisection
  11. Unleash the Gore [EP]
    by Dead Meat
  12. Light Devoured
    by Sun Eater
  13. As If Sunlight Could Warm The Deceased
    by Hyalithe
  14. The Most Noble Adventures of Erebor's Finest Son, In His Quest To Butcher Orcs And Save The World
    by Gimli, Son of Glóin
  15. At Last; Durin's Mightiest Son Returns To The Field Of Battle With Axe In Hand And Glory In His Heart!
    by Gimli, Son of Glóin
  16. Skullshitter / Bleeding Out - Split LP
    by Skullshitter / Bleeding Out
  17. The Empty
    by PORTALS
  18. Desolation
    by PORTALS
  19. Skáphe²
    by Skáphe
  20. Kosmískur hryllingur
    by Skáphe + Wormlust